It’s official – State strikes down Judge Angel ‘s ruling – right to new trial for Braseel overturned.

In a turn of events through the night, it turns out the court had ruled on Adam Braseel’s case. He was taken into custody at the Sheriff’s office and read the results of the hearing. A copy of the decision has not been posted but the ruling was made to overturn judge Angels decision that granted Adam Braseel a new trial.

All of this happens in the face of a mountain of new evidence the local and state authorities have refused to act on — including accusations by a former Grundy County investigator who was pushed of the case by Brent Myers, of evidence tampering and theft of key evidence emanating at the Grundy County sheriff’s office.

Despite the court record being replete with serious factual errors and altering of witness testimony — the court has made its ruling.

Former investigator Sgt Mike Brown’s overtures to current Sheriff Shrum, that the evidence has been tampered with, have apparently gone on deaf ears — and now Adam Braseel, once again faces life in prison in a case that most in the area fully understand is an example case of corruption of local law enforcement and the courts. Of which neither seem to be willing to rectify on their own.

The constructional violations to Adam Braseel’s rights are startling. From the get go, the judge and DA Michael Taylor who initiated the prosecution refused to wait for evidence to be tested, announcing in open court that if they had to wait for evidence to come back from the TBI to move forward the caseload would be ungodly. And that is what they did, simply moved forward – procedure.

The judge, after hearing one witness, announced in open court that he thought Adam Probably did it.

The defense was not allowed to call the police officers as witnesses, including Brown, and the evidence had not come back from testing, yet a judge can say he probably did it.

And since this time nothing has changed.

Of the good news, Adam can make bond for the appeal to the supreme court of Tennessee.  And if the fails he can then go to federal court.

The list of officials presented with the true facts yet fail to act is astounding. There is zero question whether perjury and evidence tampering occurred in this case. This can be seen by simply being steered to available court documents put on line here. It is not opinion; it is just the factual record ignored by those who wish not to be inconvenienced by the truth.


















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