If DA Steve Strain and bail bondsman Andy Baggenstoss colluded to rob Adam Braseel of his bond and illegally imprison him, what will the highest court say tomorrow when they are notified.

It appears DA Strain and bail bondsman Andy Baganstoss, who are friends, acted to revoke and thereby rob Adam Braseel of his bond and illegally imprison him against the order of the supreme court — why is the Sheriff not acting against them – is that not enough proof the DA is suspect of prosecutorial misconduct in the Braseel case.  The sheriff is the supreme law of Grundy County . The Sheriff also has in his possession the evidence that will free Braseel once and for all but has not acted on it. The stealing and forging of crucial evidence brought to him by myself and former investigator Mike Brown of the Sheriffs office.

Tennessee authority of Sheriff:

The sheriff “is the commander in chief of the law forces of the county. All judicial and ministerial officers of justice and all city officials are required to aid him



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