Sheriff withholding evidence that would free Adam Braseel while DA Strain plots to deny him bond. The most corrupt case in the country is unfolding before your eyes.

Adam Braseel case

Mr. Shrum is not answering the mounting calls from news agencies about the stolen evidence and forged documents.  He has admitted that all records of Adam Braseel’s were missing from the Sheriff’s office and there was every reason to believe foul play yet he lets DA Strain stop him from enacting justice – because it will make him look bad.

The highest law enforcement in the county is the Sheriff. If he is not acting on reported crimes that prove without a doubt that Adam Braseel’s constitutional rights were violated and he did not get a fair trial, then who will?

Braseel was convicted by testimony of those operating out of a pill mill operation. This was known by the prosecutor and former Sheriff but hidden from the defendant when convicted. The state has come down on the side of drug dealers. With forged evidence and perjury.



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