Where is there a court order revoking Adam Braseel’s bond – you can see the court ordered him to remain free

As you see in this document (Paragraph 3) from the order filed Friday by the highest court in TN, Adam Braseel would only be remanded to the Sheriff of Grundy if he failed to file intent to appeal and failed to come up with an additional bail of 25k or $2500 bond. There is no order here of revocation of bond from the court of appeals or an order to hold him. So now the family instead of continuing bond and only having to come up with the additional 2500 has to start all over with 7500.  And Adam is being held in jail. Nowhere in this document from the higher court does it say Adam should be remanded to custody unless he failed to meet the requirements, yet he was taken to jail before the order was even read to him. Is Adam being held illegally now?

If someone was stupid enough to say Adam was a flight risk upon the reading of the ruling, they are crooks – as bond was approved before the reading — for a mere  additional 2500 dollars. That is not a flight risk, that is just plain crooked corruption. No doubt about it.



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