Here is what is really happening with the bond issue and the real court order.

There are a few misled people who accuse us of getting things wrong when we said the Sheriff arrested Adam Braseel or took him into custody. Or, however you want to put it.

The standing order from the court of appeals is that Adam should be free on bond, he should be free right now. There should have been no change.

It is true that DA Steve Strain is seeking to reverse this, but until he does, this is the ruling. Adam gets to keep his bond.

There was never an order by the court to put Adam in custody for the reading of the decision. There was an order of appearance which he could do on his own. He could go hear the decision and leave. This originally was to take place on Tuesday, so Adams lawyer could be present.

However, what happened in between was the shadiest of deals. There was no authority to revoke bond without cause. What there was a shady deal, which essentially robbed the Braseel’s of five thousand dollars and put him in jail against the order of the court. This took place in a transaction with the sheriff.

Many things seem to be stolen at Sheriff’s office in Grundy County.

But there is only one person who can put a person in the jail in Grundy county, and that is the Sheriff. Look it up if you want.

Adam Braseel’s constitutional rights were once again violated, he was robbed of five thousand dollars and he is in jail against the order of the court.

Think about that. The sheriff might get mad because he feels wrongly in the middle. But that is his job. And if he can watch this without conscience and let it happen God help him. And think about his inconvenience in juxtaposition to what is happening to the Braseel family

The court in Nashville ordered Adam to remain free on bond and he sits in Grundy County Jail robbed of his bond money which they have to come up with all over again.

God, I hope is taking note of this;



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