Judge Angel made the right Decision. Appeals court did not — it is DA Strain’s fault for willfully blocking the truth from them.

It will become crystal clear, in the next few months, that judge Justin Angel made the correct ruling to grant Adam Braseel a new trial and that the court of appeals simply found a technical way to strike the decision down and ignoring that Angel is the judge who knows his community and the real facts of those involved in accusing Braseel. Judge Angel applied Strickland in the most practical and important ways. He lives here. And knows that the jury was not told things because the defense failed to bring up the basic facts. The credibly of the witnesses, that the murdered man’s house was a den of drug deals and those testifying against Braseel might very well be doing so just to save their own butts.

So what you have here, is prosecutor Strain, hiding the fact that drug dealers are testifying against a defendant not associated with them, and Angel calling him on it.

The court of appeals would have no knowledge of what goes on outside the technical details as they don’t live in and work in the area,  like Angel does.

Judge Angel, being part of the community, is aware of things the appeals court is not. At least not yet.  An undercurrent of misdeed and cover-ups in his jurisdiction. He was elected to fight corruption, and he acted accordingly.

If you noticed in Rutherford county a sheriff was arrested for corruption, similarly in Bradley County,  an investigation led by commissioners against the Sheriff are ongoing.

However, the misdeeds that happened in these counties pale in comparison to what has happened in Grundy county. Tampering of evidence to convict someone of murder is a Class A felony with no statute of limitation. These are not opinions; they are cold hard documented facts.

If Strain wants to say that since these acts have not been acted on by the Sheriff — so they don’t count –when he is the one stopping the investigation – you are looking at the very nature of corruption.

But there are others who will acting on the evidence of corruption. The progress is simply slowed, not stopped the flagrant actions of the DA.

That it takes so long to have action taken, is just a fact of life. But it changes nothing that it is coming.

The group that brought down the Rutherford Sheriff are an example of people sick and tired of the corruption and are moving towards action in other counties and are being made aware of the matter here.

Steven Strain of your DA’s office will attempt to fight bond for Adam Braseel. Bond that was granted by the supreme court.

He is not doing this to get to the truth, he is doing this because he wants to stop the truth — you can answer the why of this yourself. Why is he so scared of a new trial? He knows why, because that would bring the truth out about his own actions.

The evidence of misconduct is iron clad, it is not opinion, it is fact  – it is purely a matter of time before it takes hold.

The people of Grundy, and the those in the twelfth circuit, need to be very appreciative to have Judge Angel, who is willing to see how the corruption of the Sheriff’s office and the  DA, has manipulated witnesses in his control because they are convicted dealers who will do as he says or else.

This document below from Larry Davis, who works in Steven Strains office, speaks volumes of witness tampering. It is a direct threat, that if you don’t testify how we want — we are going to charge you with the murder.

So if you are wondering how they get witnesses to say what they want. Look no further.

In the Braseel case, if there had been no other suspect, the suspect would of course be the man found at the scene, the only known man to have his hands on the murder weapon.

Certainly if you knew he had subsequent arrest for the same assault crime he accused Adam Braseel of, the beating of his mother Becky Hill, then you would think hard about the credibility of this witness. This raised high above the Strickland standard and is obvious to anyone following this case. Ie If you don’t want to be charged with something you did, blame someone else. The arrest record is conclusive proof of this,

Judge Angel thought hard about the credibility of these witnesses but more importantly, the credibility of the Sheriff who presented the photo line-ups.

Sherriff Myer’s testimony, that Kirk Braden bust in his office while he was piecing together the photo lineups is completely refuted by Kirk Braden’s statement that Myers called him in.

Single photo line-ups are illegal, so Myers explanation that he was working on putting the photo line up together when Braden bust into his office is complete BS. And refuted by Braden himself.

Judge Angel made the right decision, knowing what he does, and the court of appeals, made the wrong decision not knowing what Angel does but could find out by contacting the now Sheriff of Grundy County.

If the DA wants to act like the truth does not matter, unless it is what he says it is, then he needs to go.

Everyone needs to support Judge Angel in stopping the corruption.

There are other people coming forward — stating they were threatened by Strain to testify against someone or they would suffer the consequences. it will all come out hopefully sooner than later.










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