Open letter about Braseel case — response to Sheriff and Grundy County Herald

I want to make it clear that I think Clint Shrum is a good man in a difficult position. What might have seemed a personal attack, was not meant to be. It was a questioning of the duties of the “Office of the Sheriff” and whether that includes cleaning up the mess of the last Sheriff, as who else will do it–who is going to do something about the blatant evidence uncovered. A question, I think the majority of the people would like to know – as I doubt there are many who believe Adam Braseel is guilty of murder—yet off he goes to prison for the rest of his life. Does anyone doubt who was not investigated for the crime here?

As Adam goes off to prison, are we supposed to just wave bye bye.

I think few believe there is some standard procedure or protocol to save a person caught in Braseel’s position. Most believe those involved in a wrongful conviction will do everything in their power to cover it up. It is all politics and business as usual.

As far as the insinuation that there is an attempt to sensationalize things here to make money, that is ludicrous, no money has been made, in fact a lot of money has been spent to investigate this case – additionally, what has gone on at the former Sherriff’s office to railroad a kid into prison needs no sensationalizing. It speaks for itself.

The fact that The Grundy County Herald (not the good people that work there) spent the whole page talking about issues of saving face instead of the blatant issues around the Braseel case and the tragedy for Adam Braseel, his family, and the question of justice for all — is something I would like to ask them to think hard about.

The only problem in the Braseel case is getting the new evidence to the surface and to put pressure on the court to act on it. If one waits on normal channels — that could take years, as it very well might have to go to Federal court if the TN Supreme court decline to hear the case.

I welcome anyone who wants to challenge the factual correctness of the writings here of the investigative discoveries made — or the comprehension of the legal issues at hand. I particularly welcome those at the 12th circuit court, such as Steven Strain or Andy Taylor to do so. I challenge them – yes I do.

While not a lawyer, I am well educated by the best in constitutional law — and know very well when it has been broken.

But most of all I am interested that justice be done – so can I take a count on who thinks justice has been done?



















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