Are the Sheriiff and the DA going to cover up the truth in the Braseel Case?

Clint Shrum had reportedly told Adam Braseel he believes Adam knows who killed Malcolm Burrows. He is not the first. Shortly before Adams trial, Steve Strain sent a packet of snitch letters to the defense saying he “knew” of at least one or two people involved in the crime. Insinuating Adam was covering for someone. Adam say that;s not true.

Law enforcement and the DA, being either convinced or justified of this belief, manufactured evidence against Braseel to that end. Perhaps hoping Braseel would “crack.”

There is little doubt members of the jury were told this story and convicted on that basis.

But here is the question you have to ask yourself.

If Clint Shrum and Steve Strain have this knowledge or evidence of this person or person who killed Malcolm, why have they not acted on it? And if there is something they know, why have they not turned it over and revealed it to the defense so they can investigate?

Meanwhile, there is direct proof, evidence, and a reliable witness from inside the Sheriffs office reporting of crimes committed by the Sheriff’’s office to make a case against Braseel.

Due Process and the rights of the constitution have totally taken flight here.

A prosecutor and Sheriff must make their case in court, not in rumors and witness coercion with a wink – “he knows something.”

For ten years the prosecution has hidden the source of their tip to put the focus on the case towards Braseel. Now we Know it is Sgt Brown. But even he says they have the wrong man.

Hiding exculpatory evidence is a Brady violation, it is prosecutorial misconduct. Breaking the law to put a case on someone you think knows something is being a vigilante — not an officer of peace and justice.

Everyone who knew Malcolm knew there was a line of people who might want to kill him. He was under investigation with nurse Garner by the TBI for their pill clinic. His house had been raided before by the police on drug charges. He was in a feud with police chief Randy Taylor

Yet all of this was not brought up in court.

Becky Hills testimony is riddled with conflicts. First telling the deputy at the crime scene the person that assaulted her was there earlier in the afternoon. Then she testified this time was  9:15 PM. Just so it could fit into a one-hour timeline to convict.

Being a tenacious prosecutor who can twist things up and fool a jury, does not make it right.

Kirk Braden changes his story so many times I can’t see how any credibility can be given there. First saying the person who did it was a stranger, then saying in court he forgot he had met Adam before. If he had met him before, then he could have just told this to the investigator the night of the crime.

Kirk told the neighbor Jeff white who testified, that the man who invaded the house ran off down the road, — then he changed the story when he got back in the house and heard his mother telling investigator Brown about a gold colored car. One that Becky had seen at the house sometime earlier

It would be impossible for this car to be Braseels, according to their story, as she never would have seen the car of this man who had broken down up the road, for the simple reason — it was up the road and out of sight of the house at night. I am not sure why this is difficult to understand.

There was another gold colored car spotted at the house, one being driven by a black haired man with a blonde woman with him. The only other people Kirk reported that had been to the house was Trey Meeks and his girlfriend Kasey Kilgore. Kasey Kilgore says she was not sure what car they were driving but thinks it was a truck.

But a witness made a formal statement to Myers and said he saw a couple in a gold colored car at Malcolms – in Myers report, he altered the statement to say it was a man with red hair. These conflicting documents have been made available to all.

But the simple fact is a witness saw a different gold colored car at Malcolm Burrows around the time of the murder –in the late afternoon, and this fits perfectly with Becky Hills first statements.

Becky hill testified she knew how much money was in Malcolm’s wallet, 800 dollars. Steve Strain said the wallet was stolen and that was his case for murder, and investigator Brown, who discovered the body said Malcolm had his wallet on him when turned the crime scene over to the sheriff and the TBI agent Larry Davis.

There was nothing constitutionally fair about Adams trial. This rumor about Adam has never been backed up with any proof. Yet mountains of proof exist of prosecutorial misconduct, altering of facts and documents, stealing by the Sheriff department and suborned perjury.

Independent of Adam Brasseel’s case what is the Sheriff and the Circuit going to do about the blatant crimes and constitutional violations of their own offices.

Pushing all this off by saying some red haired guy probably knows something, does not cut it.


Listen to Browns statement here:




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