Vital evidence stolen – it’s how they convicted Braseel – says original and now uncovered investigator of crime scene.


The violation of Adam Braseel’s constitutional rights, flow down from the Attorney General and Criminal Court of appeals documents — starting in 2010 — where a one SGT Troy Brown from Franklin county is listed as the investigative officer they claimed handled the Malcolm Burrows murder case. This is clearly seen in the opinion denying Braseel a new trial.

Thus started the journey for us to find out who the real investigator was.  It was a shock to find that Troy Brown, who testified at Adam Braseel’s trial, was NOT the investigator at the crime scene, he was NOT the person who discovered the body and talked to the witnesses against Braseel.

The real investigator was SGT Mike Brown. A person who was never put on the sand and whose report is absent from the case file and the Sheriff’s files. In fact, all records on the Malcolm Burrows murder and the Braseel case are missing from the Sheriff’s office according to present Sheriff Clint Shrum.

Mike Brown was not allowed to testify, and his identity was concealed in the court of appeal records!


In the latest appeal form the Attorney General that put Adam back in prison, they once again presented false information as the identity of Mike Brown in addition to altering the testimony of Angie White, to make it appear she had made a positive identification of Adam Braseel’s car.

If anything, White’s testimony proved it was not Adam Braseel’s car as she explicitly said the car she saw did NOT have a dent in it which his did. The Gold colored at the crime is known by the account of a witness statement taken by Sheriif Myers himself. Seen at the same time of day Angie white said she saw a gold colored car. It is cleat the car they are talking about could not be Adam Braseels.

However, they could if they altered documents and two were, one, by the Sheriff and one by the Attorney General and Court of Appeals — where they claimed Angie white saw a gold colored car with a dent in it. She did not. And Myers altered the Jay Douglas witness statement which indicated a couple seen in the gold car, altering it to a lone driver with red hair.

How can this be you say, must be some sort of sensationalizing, otherwise it would have been caught long ago.

Well think again. My last case resulted in a jury award of 25 Million dollars for the wrongfully convicted by evidence planting, and prosecutorial misconduct.

I am coming – and I have just been granted authority to do so – this outrageous violation running from the 12th circuit to the Attorney General’s office and criminal court of appeals is going to be busted up.

Adam Braseel will be exonerated and those responsible will be held accountable. Mark these words.






















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