Is there a double standard on STOLEN EVIDENCE at the Grundy County Sheriff’s office?

When Clint Shrum took office as Sheriff of Grundy County, he took action about known thefts from the evidence room when hand guns were missing, and then found to be stolen under the former Sheriff Myers administration.

Now, when a former deputy Mike Brown, has reported evidence was stolen in the Myers administration amidst a murder investigation, no action has been taken. Why?  Or reported to the TBI, who must be contacted by law enforcement, not private citizens.

Sheriff Shrum said he had no reason to not believe Mike Brown when he reported the crime, that vital evidence in the Braseel case was stolen after being given to Myers the night of Jan 7th, 2006.

The reports Brown made of witness Becky Hill are also “missing” from the Sheriff’s office. Stolen.

There is no statute of limitations in evidence tampering or theft in a homicide case.

While the theft of handguns is serious, the theft of vital evidence in a murder case is catastrophic.

When a man’s freedom hangs on the credibility of a photo-lineup given by a Sheriff, that evidence itself is stolen form the Sheriff’s office, speaks directly to the credibility of the procedures of the Sheriff’s office,

The defendant has a right to know what happened to the missing evidence to challenge the credibility of ALL evidence coming from the Sheriffs office.

For those that don’t know, a single photo lineup is another way of saying that a witnesses is shown one picture, and told by the Sheriff to say that was the person that did it.

When Kirk Braden went to Meyer’s office, he was shown one picture first. Not an array of pictures in a photo line-up pack, this is undisputed.

However, Myers claimed there were other pictures on his desk and he was getting them ready to put in a photo line-up pack. He claimed, Kirk saw the other pictures, so in essence he claimed it was not a single photo lineup. There is a lot of faith being put in this claim.

I have spoken with the head of legal at the ACLU, and he is stunned at the court of appeals decision. I am not as much. As there are altered statements in the court of appeals record, which corroborate the witness testimony, but they are false. And come from the lower court judge Perry. These are factual errors that cannot be disputed, Angie White did not identify the car as Adam Braseels by a particular dent and the investigative officer did not testify in court as the record tried to claim in claiming he was a Troy Brown who did testify. This altered record comes directly from the lower court. Judge Perry.


The former Sheriff and prosecution lied when it said Becky Hill did not make a statement at Malcolm Burrow’s house the night she was assaulted, Hill made a statement to Brown at the house and it is substantially different than the one she gave on the stand.

She did identify to Brown, a gold colored car being seen at the crime scene –  but at a different time. A time that fits with the gold colored car seen by Jay Douglas at the same house and not belonging to Adam Braseel.

It is time that fits Angie White’s statement of seeing a gold colored car in the afternoon. Not at 9:15 PM like she testified.

Browns report on Becky Hills statement was also stolen from the Sheriff’s office as it is gone and was never made record.

Brown tried to testify, but he was not called.

Clint Shrum has told us that all records pertaining to the Braseel case are missing from the Sheriff’s office.

How is the theft of Brown’s reports and evidence in the Braseel case from the Sheriff’s office possibly different than when the guns were missing that Clint Shrum did investigate?

There is one BIG difference — the theft of evidence and police reports in the Adam Braseel conviction leave an innocent man in prison for the rest of his life if something is not done about it.

Deputy Mike Brown says Wallet missing and report missing. What Becky told him is NOT what she testified to.







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