Fear the Hills deal with Netflix on horizon — original series on Grundy County and the Adam Braseel case in the works

Fear the Hills producers and executive Reed Hastings of Netflix are waiting to see who the legal team will be that takes the Braseel case to the next step — the Tennessee Supreme Court.

“Once this is nailed down,” we can move ahead, said producers. “And that must be soon, as there is a little over a month to file with the court for appeal.”

“The story is a fascinating one, in a fascinating place, much like Making a Murderer,” say producers.” We can see  a lot that has taken place here that people across the country will want to weigh in on. We hope for the success Making a Murderer has had.”

“It is very hard to believe that Adam Braseel is a person capable of sneaking up on a woman and assaulting her after overpowering and killing a rather large man. There are people out there capable of such things — it’s hard to swallow that Adam Braseel is one of them. But he has now been sent to prison twice by Tennessee courts. It will be interesting to see this unravel in an origianal series.”

Producers are seeking those with information pertaining to the case for possible inclusion in the series.

You can contact them here




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