Scariest thing on Halloween? DA Taylor and prosecutor Strain. Watch out where you visit, you might get framed for murder

Adam Braseel is in prison for something he did not do, pretty scary. He went for a visit to the mountain and was framed for murder, very, very scary —  and so is what these guys did to frame him.

I wonder how many times District Attorney Mike Taylor himself goes up the mountain to the Grundy County Courthouse — let alone for a preliminary hearing — the rush to indict someone for the murderer of a Pill Mill operator. A notorious drug dealer and horse killer named Maclolm Burrows.

Makes you wonder what the hurry was.

None of the evidence had even come back from the lab. And when the defense asked to postpone the hearing until the evidence was tested, Taylor seemed to think this was a ludicrous idea. Arguing that if they had to wait for evidence to be tested, the case load would be ungodly.

Seems to me the case load would be a lot lighter if Taylor wasn’t prosecuting innocent people without evidence.

But here it gets more interesting, as Taylor knew what the results would be. He knew they would have no results because the investigators had destroyed what evidence there was.

This is not speculation or hearsay. It is in the court record. Larry Davis had planted the weapons in the house – he said so. Well he said some guy Brown had taken the weapons out of the house and he had to put them back where they were. Per some guy named Brown.

Brown who? Where was this Brown guy.  Certainly not in court — nor was there any record of him taking this weapon out of the house.

In fact, if you go to the Grundy county Sheriff’s office and look for any records during this time period, you will be disappointed, as they have all been burned and Shredded.

Unbelievable you say. Well you can go yourslef and ask the present Sheriff and he will tell you that when he inherited the department — it was in shambles — and the records were gone: This being under Brent Myers and Chief Lonnie Cleek when the records were destroyed.

Now getting back to Taylor. I would like to know if he thinks that burning police files makes the case load lighter too. I guess that’s one way. Just burn and destroy evidence.


When Adam Braseel went to trial it was now asst DA Strain as prosecutor.

I love this part when Strain tells the jury:

“We don’t have CSI evidence ladies and gentleman, but you will hear from the people who were assaulted that this is the man who did these things. “

No, they don’t have CSI that could prove another person did it because the police destroyed the evidence. And we know that from the preliminary hearing.


Strain puts Davis on the stand and this time he just lies and testifies to the jury the weapon tested came from a “secure crime scene” — and he found this weapon, a small ball bat, in the house. Not telling the jury that he was the one who put the weapon in the house and then “found it.

In effect the police not only were not CSI, but they did everything they could to make sure NOT to find evidence of who had their hands on the weapon. And then cover it up.

But here is the scariest thing: These very people are reading this right now. I know they do. They are not sitting around thinking of suing for libel as libel requires something to not be true.

No – one can only wonder what goes through the head of the type of persons who would do these types of things. Hoping and praying an Innocent man stays in prison so they don’t get caught.

Pretty scary



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