The Path to Nurse Krista Garner – Adam Braseel case

Fasten your seatbelts.

As you know, when Malcolm Burrows was murdered, TBI agent Larry Davis questioned nurse Garner who lawyered up and refused to talk.

The story was that police arrived at Malcolm’s house, his sister Becky claimed an unknown man had beat her. Later Police found Malcolm’s body on the side of the road.

OK – you got that?

Now 2012 — in nearby Coffee County. Connie King is seen on the street bloodied and screaming–  she finds a cop and tells him she had just run from the house where she was staying. An unknown man came and killed her fiancé – a Mr Thomas Colucci. She said three kids were at the house.

There were no kids at the house. Colucci’s body was found in the garage. Later his gun was found by a bridge. DNA on a cup found at the house was traced to Troy King –  her husband.

Both Connie and Troy King were arrested for the murder of Thomas Colucci.

Now you might find these two stories interesting enough to demonstrate how two similar setups where handled quite differently. One in Grundy in the 12th judicial circuit  – and the other in Coffee County – 14th Circuit

But get this, Connie King was Garners daughter in law at the time of Malcolm’s murder.


Malcolm – Garner – Florence – HGCTV/Pharmacy – Myers —  Davis —  Strain — Taylor …










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