Senator Janice Bowling’s cover-up of corruption – prescription fraud – and illicit drugs

Dr Florence is a prime example of how Janice Bowling’s tenure has failed to address corruption and drugs in her district. While giving lip service to the subject — the reality is it took the Federal Government to intervene and stop his activities,.after years of damage to the community — running multiple Pill Mills throughout the area. All the while, it was common knowledge the prescription drug problem and Tenn-care fraud was out of control.
Ms Bowling was made aware of serious issues in Grundy– that all the Sheriff’s files from the Sheriffs office were destroyed from 2005 to 2013 – yet she has taken no action to aid in the investigation. Thus protecting a major drug ring out of Grundy and aiding in the cover-up rather than helping route it out.

Four months ago I talked to TN State Senator Bowling for over an hour about the corruption in ex Sheriff Myer’s administration leading to the frame job of Adam Braseel. I explained I found arrest records of witnesses in the newspaper archive as none existed at the Sheriff’s office. Arrest records that clearly show the accuser’s of Braseel were part of a Pill Mill — illicit prescription drug scheme — this was hidden form the defendant, who was visiting near the mountain town where the killing occurred. All files from the Sheriff’s office were destroyed upon Myers departure — yet nothing has been done about it.

The murdered man was under investigation and in an internal power struggle within his organization.

The result now is a cover-up of a major drug operation, a frame job for a gangland hit style murder, all so the criminals could deflect the crimes from themselves and get away with it. And the state has backed them up all the way.

Link to the Destroyed  Files Issue



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