Ex Sheriff Myers destroyed files upon exit says current Sheriff Shrum.

All case files and arrest records from 2005 to 2013 were gone says the sheriff. In addition, a deputy who had been at the sheriff’s during both administrations told a woman seeking files last week for the Adam Braseel case, that they didn’t have them, they were burned and shredded under Myers. He has ruined the county. (see audio interview below)

Myers testimony in the Braseel case was crucial for his conviction which centered around the credibility of certain photos shown to a witness –  whether he was showing pictures to identify, or showing them one picture to influence his witness testimony.

This not only raises serious doubts to Myers credibility, said attorneys, but also adds great weight to claims made by SGT Brown that when he discovered Malcolm Burrows body there was a wallet in his back pocket – Myers, and TBI agent claimed the wallet was missing and prosecutors claimed the theft of the wallet as motive for murder.

“We have no idea why it took this long for this to be known to the community. It is very serious,”

“Shredding of files, evidence theft. Why there has been no investigation is in itself a problem here legally that will be looked into.”

Clint Shrum adds that he has a note book of past corruptions but was told the election took care of the problem. (Who told him this we would like to know.)

Try telling that that to the man in prison at the hand of these past corruptions.

Audio interview



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