DA Mike Taylor, Senator Bowling and TBI hides GC Sheriff’s office was gutted of all records – covering for murder and frame jobs.

(don’t miss the Brown video below – it will blow your mind to what lengths are taken to prosecute – even stealing evidence to make a case)

Secret allegations of murder and frame-jobs by the former sheriff are common among Grundy County residents who live in fear of speaking out publicly. They have every reason to be afraid.

All records from 2005 to 2014 were destroyed by exiting Sheriff Brent Myers when he lost to Clint Shrum in 2014. Yet no investigation or action has taken place. It has been swept under the rug.

One woman believes her niece, a school teacher, was murdered by the former Sheriff because she knew too much. She had been talking about really killed Malcolm Burrows. Another woman says the DA tried to strong arm her to testify against an innocent person.

Anyone who challenged the administration was dealt with swiftly.

Shown in picture clockwise:

1)District attorney Mike Taylor instigated prosecution of Adam Braseel — claiming in court that they didn’t need evidence to come back from the lab to proceed — allowed perjury of TBI agent Larry Davis to hide crime scene investigator Brown’s role from the Braseels.  2)Former Sheriff Brent Myers destroyed all records after he was voted out, he pushed crime scene investigator Mike Brown off the case who never testified. Myers altered witness statements to fit Braseel    3) Senator Janice Bowling was made aware that law enforcement has not acted to investigate Myers, instead took money from Floyd Davis. 4)Former Braseel “defense” attorney Floyd Davis acted in league with prosecutors to conceal the identity and drug business of the man who was murdered — Malcolm Burrows, and his connections to nurse Garner and Dr Florence  5)Nurse Garner. All three being under an investigation that disappeared when Adam Braseel was charged for the crime. 6)Dr Florence was overseer of Garners clinic funded by Malcolm Burrows. All of this was hidden from the jury. Malcolm being depicted as s sickly shade tree mechanic–  which could not be further from the truth.

We are told that when current county Mayor Mike Brady challenged Myers he was picked up on phony charges by Myers as well as a list of others who felt the same wrath.

A Sheriff who can list deaths as accidents, or pin the crime on innocent people, and then destroy the files to cover their tracks, is a very scary thing to contemplate.

When Judge Angel reversed Adam Braseel’s conviction, it was a milestone of justice for Grundy. One quickly taken back when Angel’s decision was reversed. Every effort is being taken to make sure Braseels case does not come to light as it will reveal the corruption of the Myers administration walking hand in hand with the DA’s office.

I highly question campaign contributions to Senator Bowling by ex Braseel defense attorney Flossy Floyd Davis. Davis threw Adam under the bus – it is crystal clear —  to hide the murdered man’s drug business — which at every turn he kept out of court and off the record, which is now a serious problem. And when judge Angel could see through this smoke screen and gave Braseel a new trial on the grounds of  ineffective counsel, the state managed to override him, after money was given to Senator Bowling by Floyd Davis among other things.

Floyd Davis’ connection to Nelson Layne, lawyer and associate of king pin drug dealer Malcolm Burrows who was murdered, speaks to the very heart of the matter.

Adams mother when she asked Davis who he had investigating her sons case was told Nelson Layne. Not only not an investigator, but whose name shows up on a snitch letter concocted by convicted murderers and Burrows family members to implicate Adam Braseel. Allegations which were never substantiated in any way yet were fed to the jury in secret.

Senator Bowling, in an hour-long conversation, was made aware that in court, the DA and Flossy Davis had hidden the fact that Malcolm Burrows was a major drug dealer in business with a nurse Krista Garner and Dr Florence. They had fallen under investigation, and Malcolm was found murdered.
To cover up the murder, the crime got put on someone not associated with the drug ring. When Nurse garner was questioned, she “lawyered up” and refused to talk.

Garner has lost her license and Florence is now indicted by the Federal government. The records were destroyed at the Sheriff’s office.

Clint Shrum, the current sheriff, said of the past corruption of the former Sheriff that he was told “the election took care of it.”

It didn’t take care of it for Adam Braseel — or any others who fell in the wake of this prosecutorial misconduct and corrupt Sheriff.

And who killed Becky Hill?  Her son Kirk was arrested for domestic assault according to Grundy County Herald archives, but without the police records that have been destroyed we may never know. Was she silenced for wanting to recant her testimony?

The list of people dead surrounding this case continues to grow.


Link to officer Brown who was kept form testifying.

Vital evidence stolen – it’s how they convicted Braseel – says original and now uncovered investigator of crime scene.


Link to the perjury

Perjury in the Adam Braseel case – Larry Davis and Steve Strain.








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