The tragic failure of Judge Bud Perry – the Adam Braseel case

In private chambers, before the trial, “defense attorneys” Floyd Davis and Bob Peters – Judge Bud Perry and the prosecutors made an agreement. It was an agreement that would frame Adam Braseel for the murder of Malcolm Burrows.

It was an agreement to not disclose that  Malcolm Burrows was a drug dealer, whose clients came and went from his house on a regular basis. That he was embroiled in a turf war, with a doctor and a nurse, that he had killed the nurse’s horses. That he was under investigation by the TBI. That things had gotten out off control.

Because if they told the truth –  Judge Perry, the prosecutors and Davis would have to Admit they were the ones responsible for what was going on – that they had been letting it happen under their noses.

The very thing that took the life of Perry’s own son Brent David on Oct. 19, 2005, at the age of 27.

Davis and Perry share much in common. Both were judges for one.

But there’s much more to it.

Perry’s son Brent was charged with leaving the scene of an accident. He had left someone injured and was charged with failing to give aid.

Davis’s son Andy was involved in an accident where a man lay on the road for an hour until Davis could get there, after his son called him, instead of the police or an ambulance.

Both young men had fathers in strong positions, to help their boys when they were in trouble. And both got out of these scrapes with relatively small charges.

Yet when it came to Adam Braseel, these men did everything in their power to back him in a corner — one he could not see out of. Where he could not see the true nature of his accusers. People these men knew all too well — and very much what they were into.

And too add to the unthinkable lows these men had sunk

By the time court convened, it had been concocted that Adam’s mother was barred from the proceedings – she was not allowed to be with her son and see what they were doing, and how they were presenting the witnesses. And depicting Malcolm Burrows.

Davis as a judge had 51 indictments against him, 27 of them stuck, yet he was only suspended and sent to some form of judge school.

Davis represented at least one doctor who had lost his license four times for “Over prescribing” pain medications.

That Davis didn’t know how to get people “Out of things” is obviously not true.

Yet Adam Braseel got 51 years in a case with no evidence other than that at the hands of Sheriff Myers and TBI agent Davis. Good old witness coercion which is laid out so clearly in the internal TBI memo we found. Or the documents Myers altered — which Myers had been accused of before. Or the incredible feat of making sure the actual crime scene investigator would never take the stand to tell the truth.

Whatever help these men had given their own son, they had done the opposite with Braseel. Giving him no chance to defend himself.

Adam Braseel was framed by his own lawyers, a judge and the prosecutor — so they could hide their own dirty business.

Because if it were to come out at trial, what Malcolm was involved in, with the doctors and pharmacy and Pill Mills, these men would be uncovering their own dirty laundry.  And they were not going to let that happen So they did a hit and run, and left Adam lying unaided in the road, while they got away.

They sacrificed a naive kid from Pelham — who had no judge for a father. And they did so to protect their own — as they had done with their own sons.

As an innocent young man sits in prison, as the truth comes out — I hope there are those who truly feel shame for knowing exactly what is going on — and just letting it happen.

Perhaps Clint Shrum, who was at one of those scenes I just described above.

It has been told to me that Judge Davis was removed from office after a TBI investigation and hearing for altering warrants during plea deals by District Attorney Mike Taylor. Will keep you posted.





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