A legacy of corruption and cover-up – where the guilty go free – the innocent framed – stolen evidence – altered documents and a failure to act.

In a somewhat heated email exchange with Sheriff Shrum last night I had pointed out that a class C felony of evidence tampering was reported to him by former Grundy investigator Mike Brown. — one item being that Brown said when he found Malcolm Burrows body, there was a wallet in his back pocket.

But it started from the revelation to me that Clint, while a police officer, was involved in an accident scene of Judge Floyd Davis’s son who caused a collision, where a man had been left on the road for over an hour until the judge arrived and then called an ambulance.  A very controversial incident where Clint Shrum was the officer who gave the sobriety test. Which turned out to be a field test. No blood or breathalyzer test was taken. The Davis’s paid out 350 thousand to the man eventually. And the Judges son was charged with minor reckless driving.

This judge was also Adam Braseel’s Lawyer. Judge Floyd Davis also had 51 indictments and was convicted of 27. He was then reinstated as judge and then resigned after a reported investigation by TBI agents for altering warrants during plea bargains with DA Mike Taylor.

My point here is not to accuse Mr Shrum of fudging a sobriety test at the request of Floyd Davis. My point is the chickens eventually come home to roost.

I should also point out that Floyd Davis represented a doctor Dewey Hood, whose license had been suspended four times for over prescribing pain meds. Davis got his license reinstated, but eventualy he was convicted.

So Back to the emails.

Mr Shrum told me “nothing was reported” by Brown because what Brown told him conflicted with what I have posted myself – photos of the body of Malcolm Burrows where clearly there is no wallet in his back pocket.

To refresh you on what the matter is.

Sgt Brown was the investigator of the crime scene. Yet he never testified. Nor is there a report from him on what Becky hill told him or a report on when he found the body of Malcolm Burrows. He moved out of the area before Adam Braseel’s trial. Chief Lonnie Cleek, Brent Myers and TBI agent Larry Davis claimed there was incoming information on why they put a focus on Adam Braseel, but would never say where this information came from.

Now when SGT Brown comes forward we are being told that he must not be telling the truth And so it stops there.

I could argue about who is telling the truth by pointing out by hard evidence that Myers altered witness testimony or Larry Davis perjured himself at the trial by claiming the crime scene was secured and claiming he went in the house and found the weapons. Which is irrefutably not true,

And right here I could claim we have two established liars. So if Brown is correct, that when he gave the custody of the body to the two established non truth tellers, that perhaps they didn’t tell the truth again. And the wallet was removed before they took the photos. And they were the ones to take the photos not Brown.

Both Mr. Shrum and Tony Bean have stated that other evidence was missing from the Sheriff’s office and police files were missing. Shrum saying that maybe there was something they didn’t want him to know.

Or that there are many arrest records that show up in the Grundy archives that are not in the system and I doubt in the Sheriff’s office making it impossible to find out what happened.

The point isn’t who in law enforcement is lying. The point is there is definitely someone who is.

A class c felony has been reported of evidence tampering has been reported by former SGT Brown to the constitutional law of the county – the Sheriff. Hard evidence has been presented of altering witness statements by the former Sheriff.

Sure, there’s a new jail.  But who’s going to make sure the people that go in that jail are not innocent.

There is a clear need for an investigation here. And turning a blind eye to corruption because one is beholden to those in power to get them in office has a familiar pattern.

Because the chickens come home to roost


Mr Shrum when I first asked him about this he said that he had no reason to believe Brown was lying.

Mr Shrum now says that my reporting shows that Brown is not being truthful because of what I posted –a picture of the body which shows there is no wallet.

I don’t expect the Sheriff to be an investigator, that is not his job.

To understand a timeline of events and a chain of custody though is something we do expect.

Mike Brown, when informed that Clint Shrum is now framing him as a liar with a vendetta replied.

‘I’m sorry to hear that. He is under alot of pressure. And he has to work with those people.”

But no one has ever allowed the actual crime scene investigator to make a statement or testify in the Adam Braseel case. And nothing has changed.





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