Mike Yarworth, Sheriff Myers, prescription pills, and the “must win” conviction of Adam Braseel

First of all, follow this link and see the names here of Dr Florence and Mike Yarworth among others.


Grundy County Health services, DBA Tracy Clinic is where Dr David Florence and Mike Yarworth share a connection.

Florence also being Nurse Krista Garner’s prescribing authority for her clinic in Monteagle — the one that Malcolm Burrows was invested in. The man who was murdered.

I want to make it clear that the point of this is not to go into the legal or moral issues of prescription pain medication – but to specifically address the issues surrounding the conviction of Adam Braseel — and the motives of those involved in the conviction.

In 2007, Mike Yarworth contracted videographer Paul Klekotta to film the trial of Adam Braseel for HGCTV.

Brent Myers, who had been appointed Sheriff, had to win an upcoming election to remain Sheriff. And Mike Yarworth, was giving Myers the stage to win a conviction and become sheriff. They were also related.

Myers had to win the conviction being filmed, otherwise it would have shown he was a Sheriff  that went after the wrong man. A real embarrassment.

But how did Yarworth and Myers know they were going to win?  And have such confidence in this to film the trial?

If a lawyer had come in and asked a lot of questions about Malcolm business, would that have made them all look like fools – and if so, wouldn’t that be a complete disaster for them?

The first way to embarrass them would be to cross-examine the witnesses Becky Hill and Kirk Braden and ask them if they were also at Malcolm’s house when his door was broken down by DEA agents for prescription narcotics. And ask if they knew where he got the prescriptions.

Or ask them about uncle Malcolm’s connections to Nurse Krista Garner who wen to his house frequently according to witnesses – and ask about Dr Florence, and why TBI agent Kim Harmon was questioning both Garner and Malcolm for their role in a pain clinic – a “pill mill” type business overseen by Dr Florence. Where Malcolm would off load pills to other dealers. The illegal part of the business.

Had this been brought up by an astute attorney, the whole subject of pain clinics would have come up. And that also leads to the door of the link above — 740 Main Street Tracy City.

So again, the question arises, how could they be so confident that Malcolm’s enterprise would not be brought up in court? How could this be without having control over the defense attorneys?

Could it be that defense attorney, Flossy Davis, was the attorney for other pain clinic doctors? Namely, Dewey Hood, whose license had been suspended four times. Yet was reinstated, though he was eventually convicted. Davis’s record of Judge was miserable, with 51 indictments against him. 27 convictions, and a questionable resignation amidst a TBI investigation for burying Warrants — according to a woman who testified against Davis.

The question of who a prime suspect for the murder of Malcolm is easy to know. Malcolm’s own brother Don said so.” It had to do with those horses Malcolm killed of nurse Krista Garners,”  heard by many at Malcolm’s funeral. A turf war was going on, involving lots of MONEY. Plenty of motive for murder

TBI agent Davis only revealed that he tried to talk to Garner, but she got a lawyer and refused to talk.

An investigation on Garner would be hard to do – but most of all it would bring up everything they didn’t want to — all the prescription drug business. No, they needed a conviction they could win — to be filmed, one that could win an election.

Now you could believe some small kid from the valley just happens to decide to go up to the mountain with a small souvenir ball bat and attack an armed six foot three man, with multiple violent arrest records. If you were completely insane that is.

This theory was obviously too farfetched.   They needed a ringer on the jury. Let’s say the foreman. Steve Trusller. His son too a doctor in Manchester. Albert Brandon, Dr Florence, Nurse garner, Florence and his son Jay at one point or another crossed paths in the Manchester medical building.

And Steve Trussler, “practically raised Myers like his own son” per Bill Bevil’s interview of Mr. Trussler.

Steve Trusller denies knowing the “snitch story” until he was on his way out of the court room.

In any event, to make this absurd story of Adam Braseel killing Malcolm plausible, they needed to claim he was an accomplice. Not in court — because then they would need evidence that this was true. No, they needed to have secret information.

And this secret information came from ex judge, Nelson Layne’s murder client Roxanne Crabtree, Malcolm’s niece. And this secret information is all unproved crap they sprung at the last minute behind the back of Adam Braseel and was fed to the jury deliberately.

The proof of this is that prosecutor Steve Strain told the jury — you can think Adam Braseel is an accomplice and still convict him of murder.


When was it ever presented in court that Adam was an accomplice? Or that there was an accomplice. Who was Strain talking to? And how did he know the jury would know the information in the packet of snitch letters he sent to defense just days before the murder?  (If it was sent at all — though the letter is dated, it says hand delivered with no verification of when the delivery took place. )

Talk about a setup.

Everything in these snitch letters, which became rumors to the jury —  upon scrutiny, is pure fantasy concocted by convicted murderers and relatives of the Burrows family – relayed By Judge Nelson to guess who – Flossy Davis.

When Adam’s mother Imojean asked Floyd Davis who he had investigate the case she was told it was Nelson Layne. Roxanne Burrows lawyer.

No, they were going to convict Adam, they had to, to get Myers elected. And not to mention, Lonnie Cleek becoming mayor later.

The defense lawyers, knowing Adam had to be convicted, tried to separate the murder charge and have him be convicted only of assaulting Becky Hill.


Adam Braseel, with no history of violence, would all of a sudden become the type of person to trick an old woman to bend down and then beat her – I am sure there are people who would be willing to kill Malcolm Burrows, but think it would be too low to beat a defenseless woman.

What kind of person does it take to beat a defenseless woman?

Perhaps the domestic violence arrest record of her own son Kirk explains this. If Myers had not Shredded all the documents form the Sheriff’s office, as Tony Bean has stated, then maybe it would be easier to know the details of the assault and the details of what happened to the charges and the details of Becky Hills death shortly after.

But then again there could be someone else with a record of assault who is capable of such a thing.

There’s a long line of people who would want Malcom gone. With genuine motive. Yet no motive was offered for Adam —  except the theft of Malcolm’s wallet –  and now this is in question as the long lost officer who discovered Malcom’s body says he remembers the wallet being on him. Not stolen.

This officer, crime scene investigator Mike Brown, was definitely NOT asked to come testify. Instead hearsay and double hearsay was allowed, where officer West and TBI agent Davis claimed Brown did this or Brown said that. Without a single objection or even cross examination of West by the defense.

And when TBI agent claimed the crime scene was secure when he arrived at Malcolm’s house — and that he discovered weapons in the house. The defense attorney, fully aware that this was not true and not what Davis testified to in the preliminary hearing, did nothing to challenge this. Truly remarkable. And very telling.

Clint Shrum has the new Jail, and it is very nice — the question is — has anything changed so the right people are going to be in it. The lineage of the jail being a subject unto itself.

There are other very questionable convictions coming to light. And as a mounting call for investigations comes from officials and proponents throughout the region, it will be interesting to see what is at the bottom of all of this.





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