Juror comes forward, says bullied by foreman – tainted by outside rumors not presented in court.

A juror, who doesn’t want their name in public, has agreed to me to testify on many things they felt were wrong about what went on in the jury room.

The juror believed their connections to other suspects in the case should have disqualified them, but that judge Perry told them that — “no one was getting out of jury duty no matter who they were connected to.”

The juror says that certain evidence moved in and out of the jury room, without her being able to see it. That there was a great deal of confusion and that jurors were crying — and this juror felt bullied into a decision by the foreman.

Confirmed that jury deliberated on theories not presented on court.

Jury foreman Steve Trussler’s connection to Sheriff Myers and being the father of another local doctor point to extreme bias that never should have been allowed.

The prosecution and the Sheriff were spreading rumors of Adam Braseel being an accomplice without a shred of evidence to back this up. They did so because the story of Adam Braseel going up alone to Malcolm to kill him and beat his sister were so far-fetched they needed an angle.

This unsubstantiated and false story was brought for deliberation  by the foreman from the beginning — says the juror.

For those who are still willing to believe Adam was an accomplice, you would have to believe he was capable of tricking a defenseless woman, and then beating her. For no reason.

Adam has no record of violence or narcotics. Nor has anyone I know of ever seen him get angry at anyone.  He was employed and had no motive for robbery.

No – they were out to get someone to blame – and hide the fact that Malcolm Burrows was the illegal connection to Clinics and Pharmacy. Malcolm and Krista Garner were together under investigation and in a turf war at th etim of his murder.

It has also been learned that Malcolm was reporting to police — drug dealers stalking his property for twee weeks prior to the murder. Which could not be Adam, as he was not a drug dealer, and was working at UPS in another county and no where near the mountain.

Mind you Adam Braseel had an actual job, unlike everyone in that house.

More and more people are coming forward and this thing is about ready to bust.














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