Officer James Caldwell comes forward with some — his police reports now in question.

James Caldwell, Tracy City police and first respondent to the crime scene on Mellisa Rock Road on Jan 7th, 2006, also did not testify at Adam Braseel’s trial. (furthest right in photo)

But over the weekend Mr. Caldwell has given me startling new information in the case.

“Malcolm made several calls in the weeks before (he was murdered) for an officer because of prowlers and people watching him that at the time were treated like calls from a crazed drug addict” said Caldwell.

“some calls came from Mike Price.” (Tracy Mayor who died of a heart attack many thought suspicious.)

“In my opinion the Mia Prince “suicide” and Malcolm’s murder were done by same group.” Said Caldwell, referring to the unsolved murder of Meia Prince in 2003 in Palmer,

When asked if he was aware of the domestic violence arrest of Kirk Braden involving his mother Mr Caldwell said:

“Oh yeah but that wasn’t unusual” said Caldwell.

Mr Caldwell arrived on the scene two hours before Malcolm Burrow’s body was found. At that point the call was for the assault on Becky Hill.

If domestic violence calls were frequent, then why would Kirk not be investigated and simply allowed to finger someone else?

And if Malcolm was calling about prowlers during the weeks prior to his murder, why were those calls not investigated for suspects?

Though Mr Caldwell has revealed a few things, there are many more things I want to know.

His record with handling evidence and his reports are of grave concern.

It has now come to my attention of something I had suspected all along. That Mr Caldwell did not fill out his own reports and back dated them often months after the fact.

That officer Caldwell had told others from the beginning that Malcolm’s murder was an inside job.

That his report of witnesses claim of seeing a red haired man in a gold colored car, was written well after Myers had Adam Braseel as a suspect.

I hope Mr. Caldwell makes the right decision to cooperate fully.









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