“Facts don’t exist in TN courts — Witness Becky Hill was ‘unconscious’ at the photo-lineup, says Judge Easter, so police could not possibly have coerced her.”

Adam Braseel set to file for Dec 7th deadline to Supreme Court with new legal team.

When I saw judge Easter, of the court of criminal appeals, had claimed witness Becky Hill was UNCONSCIOUS! when deputy Cleek showed her photos, as part of a line-up, my jaw dropped. I thought this had reached a maximum level of bullshit. But not so. It had now moved to stratospheric insanity.

Is Eater high, possessed, arrogant or just plain stupid.

That he made this claim while taking jurisdiction from Judge Angel as the fact finder, is just so indicative of a frightening new era where facts don’t matter – red is blue. Innocent are guilty because we say so.

If facts don’t matter in the TN courts, it begs the question, what does?

In any event, I have had enough, and have procured new lawyers for Adam Braseel out of Nashville, former federal prosecutors who specialize in government corruptions. Alex Little and Ed Yarborough who came highly recommended.

Judge Easter, making such a fantastical claim, that Becky Hill was unconscious, and therefore none of the misdeeds of the police could possibly have taken place, is so medieval – I was curious why he didn’t just say she was possessed.

It is impossible to rebut Easter claim  with a rational legal argument, other than to say they have lost their minds.

He might as well have said Becky Hill did not exist.

So, we could counter Adam Braseel does not exist. But he does, he is in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Becky Hill did exist, and she was not UNCONSIOUS — here is her own testimony:

Page 30 – line 2.

Q Okay. Where did they bring you this array of photos

A To my sisters Rachel Crabtrees

Q And where does she live?

A She  lives in Coalmont, between Coalmont and Tracy.

Q Okay. Was she there when the photo.line-up was given to you

A Brent and Lonnie took me into the kitchen and talked to me at the table.

Q Okay. Who did you give the description to of the young man who was in your house

A Well I didn’t-. give it-. To nobody they showed me the line-up. Like I said I had went – I didn’t know anything for like four days.

Q So up until they gave you the line-up you had not given anybody a description of the young man who came in your house on January the 7th twice

A No.

2111 Q Okay. And after the line-up did you

2211 give them a description

2311 A You know once I seen the picture I

2411 knowed him.


I was hoping to just to make a film, but find myself slipping back to my old work of legal investigations and trial consulting. I believed, that Adam being granted a new trial by the duly elected judge,  a very rare occurrence at post-conviction, that this would at least convince the regional press there was some reasonable doubt worth checking into.

Not so

As soon as Adam was whisked back to prison —  that was it. None in the press even questioned what happened. Or noticed that the state had simply taken away the appeals power of a post-conviction judge who actually heard the evidence. With presumptive powers of that of a jury verdict, Judge Angel, by law, should be the sole designated fact finder, yet his role as fact finder was stripped away. And stripped away with the falsest crazy claim possible.

No, the press, like the jury, figures, if the court did what they did they must have a reason. God help us.

Police picked up Adam Braseel saying they had “some information” that linked him to the crime. They never revealed what this information was, because it does not exist. A Brady violation. Why? because people believe those who get arrested, are arrested for a reason. And most times there is a reason — hopefully.

To illustrate the point; I talked to one of the jurors. She said she didn’t trust the witnesses, but since Adam was arrested, she thought the police must have had a reason!

This might seem naïve, yet this is exactly how the press in TN has acted.

Well, THEY must have had a reason. “I heard there was a reason,” “the police told me there was more to it.” Exactly what the juror said the Foreman kept telling her. Not anything presented in court, but he heard a rumor.

The constitutional protections were written just so someone with “a reason” is NOT allowed to prosecute without facts — evidence.

The police need to provide the facts of why Adam was put on the crime, because there is ZERO evidence otherwise on him.

And I mean ZERO. We have shown the police and witnesses have lied at every turn. Those who choose to ignore this are either ignorant, corrupt or complacent.

In making a film I was hoping to not just make a sweeping condemnation of Tennessee, it always comes up as one of the top five most corrupt states. Yet let’s face it is everywhere.  But from what I have seen so far, with something so blatantly wrong on allowing the framing of Adam Braseel– obviously covering their asses in their little prescription drug money making schemes. Judges with 51 indictments, burying warrants, getting their own sons and drug dealers off, while putting an innocent person is on prison. Record being shredded at the Sheriff’s and the county court by the Sheriff and relatives of the Sheriff. There is something very wrong going on. Building  new jail does not solve this, it makes one worry who is going to be put in it.

You would think the State would not want to come on the side of upper level drug dealers, but no, to the contrary.

Even the agent who was investigating the murdered man and his pill mill doctor partners said the State has come down on the wrong side – yet – silence.

Unconscious. Unconscionable. Injustice and something to be very afraid of.

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