Police Report Fraud in Braseel case – VIN numbers don’t match the car sent to lab – story falls apart

Well lookie here, Chris gave me the Nashville lab documents I had never seen, and look what I discovered. (see below)

First of all.

Becky Hill testified her brother Malcolm took her Chrysler to go help “the stranger” who had run out of gas. The car was said to be left on the side of the road, and Malcolm’s body was said to be found near it.

However, the responding officer, James Caldwell, in his report, says he saw this car, and evidently he got so close to get the VIN number and write it down – however, the VIN number he writes down does not match the VIN of the Chrysler the lab in Nashville received. Not by a mile.

So what car did the lab get?

There is no photograph of this vehicle either, instead, TBI agent Larry Davis took a picture of his own car, supposedly where the car would be, if it was there.

But back to Caldwell’s report.

Caldwell’s former girlfriend made a statement to me that she used to fill out James’ police reports on a frequent basis — because he thought her handwriting was neater, she said. These reports would sometime only be made if a court date was coming up. She also said that James would back date them — as if they had been made out like they should – at the time of the crime.Which explains everything quite well.

There is now no reason to believe Kirk Braden made any identification of a red haired man to Caldwell. Not now.

As well as the VIN being a total fake, the whole story is a fake.

To believe that Becky Hill was near unconsciousness, being put in the ambulance — and  yet — able to relay a very elaborate story; of a man coming to the house, leaving with Malcolm in her car, then coming back and asking for starting fluid — and then, when she bent over to get it, the man started hitting her — yet her son, who was sleeping in the back — rushed out to saver her –this story is — well, just not believable.

That they came up with this story later — and then filled in the reports later — now that is believable.

Caldwell’s girlfriend said when James got home he told her it was an inside job.

Nothing about that story is an inside job, in fact the story of a stranger coming is trying to make it sound like an outside job.

Give it up.

VIN Numbers don’t match for alleged crime scene car.










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