Appeal filed to Supreme Court today for Adam Braseel on time — hits hard on Court of Appeals interference 2

Attorney Alex Little pulled an all-nighter to get the application done on time — Chris and I  had been exchanging emails with Alex throughout yesterday and by 8am, the deadline, it was filed. By 8:30 am Alex asked me what I thought of the opening salvo.  And I told him — I was, and am, very impressed.

If I had written to the Supreme Court, as many know, I would have used words like stupid and crooked. Corrupt and crazy.

Instead, Esquire Little proffers the court skimmed the record to find anything favorable to the State’s position. And it had misconstrued the trial record — as you know from a previous article, Judge Easter claimed Becky Hill was unconscious when she was shown the photo lineup. A misconstrueance par excellence. Or just plain nuts in my book.

So as you can see below, Alex Little, while  hitting hard, does so with a modicum of decorum.

This was all very stressful for Adam, Chris and the Braseel family, myself, Alex and everyone else — step one is done and on time, and kicks ass. Check it out.

Read Here:

S.Crt. Application for Permission to Appeal (01478335)





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