Guilty for cooperating. Larry Davis statement on day three shows his true colors.

Larry Davis shows his true colors in this document below. And he shows his drive to force a conviction when none should exist. His perjury after this point should come to no surprise, as every action of his after making this statement, is motivated to prove himself right.

One day after the murder, police went looking for a Gold colored car. And they found one. Though there were countless gold colored cars on the mountain matching the description given. Four alone can be seen within a quarter mile radius in the 2007 Google street view. Two of which are where Kirk Braden now lives.

And then there is the late model gold colored car parked outside Malcolm’s girlfriend’s work at The Haven of Rest. A car that much better matches the description given by neighbor Angie White, who said she saw a late model gold colored car earlier in the day. Geary was said to buy her drugs from Malcolm despite their relationship status.

But Police didn’t investigate those cars, they went after Adam.

If Adam had committed the crimes, he would have to be a fool to let them take his car to be tested for blood, fibers, or any other evidence that would link him to the crime scene. As it would be impossible to know one’s car is clean after perpetrating not one, but two bloody beatings. It is actual proof he did not commit the crime. Not with that car.  But Adam let them take his car to be tested. Of course, it came up clean. But that didn’t stop Davis or the rest of them.

Well so much for cooperating.

Here you see, by day three, Larry Davis had Braseel convicted.

“The above subject beat Burrows to death and robbed him. Went to victim’s house and beat Hill seriously until stopped by victim’s son.”













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