Test your detective skills, are you smarter than a county investigator?

Adam surrendered his Gold colored Accura to be tested. At some point, Lonnie Cleek made the claim that that the car wouldn’t’ start when they tried it and it had to be towed. The sheriff’s report was amended to make this claim. For local investigators, this seemed some type of proof that the car Adam was driving matched the car of the witness story. That a stranger came to the door who said his car had broken down just up the road and could Malcolm go help him.

Mellisa Rock Road is a dead end road with four houses at the end including Malcolm’s.

What’s wrong with this scenario?

Make your hypothesis and then read further.


The whole premise of the prosecution theory is that the man who came to the door was FAKING his car broke down to lure Malcolm out of the house. Not that his car really broke down. Good grief!

The idea that Adam was on his way somewhere and his car broke down is out because there is nowhere to go on Mellisa Rock Road.

And if you want to get way out there in nutso theories, as Strain seems to get away with,  what kind of suicide mission would a perpetrator go on in a car that had starting problems?

Or perhaps the prosecutor could change theories and say that Adam was paying a surprise visit to Malcolm Burrows for some unknown reason, and his car really did, by some miracle, just happen to stall out a hundred yards from his house. And when Malcolm went to help with the car, Adam, or these pretend accomplices he winks to the jury about,  just decided to kill Malcolm.

It is about the most absurd story possible. On top of the already absurd one that Adam would go attack an armed six foot three, and already paranoid drug dealer , and take him on with a small souvenir baseball bat.

Had there been someone competent working Adams case, the GCTV film would have been nice proof of what a bungling bunch these are. Well it still is, and I have a copy. Retrieved by the most devious of means.

In fact, the most exonerating piece of evidence is Adam’s gold colored car. The very item and proof that if police were looking for a gold colored car they certainly got the wrong one.

The fact that his car passed a luminol test would be a miracle if he were involved in such a thrashing of two people — walking through blood on the kitchen floor and then into his car. A criminal would have to be completely brain dead to let police take his car if he actually did this crime of two bloody beatings.

Yes, this is CSI. Liminol is very easy to use and very hard to beat. While you have to use a special type of bleach to make blood useless as evidence, even after multiple cleanings, Luminol can detect the mere presence of blood even if it has no evidentiary value. No results whatsoever were obtained from any item of Adam Braseels including the car.



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