Why didn’t Pam Stephenson testify that Becky went to Juanita Hobbs to find out who Adam Braseel was so she could pick him out in court.

Pam Stephenson told Flossy Davis, Adam’s lawyer, and Imojean, Adam’s mother, that she was at Juanita Hobb’s house when Becky came over to find out who Adam Braseel was. Having no idea what Adam looked like it was told.

Pam was set to be a witness, but then something happened. She stopped answering her phone. And refused to talk. Imojean went to her house on Hospital Road in Winchester and waited for her behind some trees in her Red Cadillac, hoping Pam would emerge so she could ask her why she changed her mind to testify. When Pam did finally come out, according to Imojean, she practically ran her down, as Pam made her get away and drove off.

Pam and her family have a troubled history with drug convictions – raising the issue if she was threatened of repercussions if she did testify.

There are other instances where Becky can be seen as “coached” to identify Adam Braseel —  educated to the person she was supposed to accuse.

By Lonnie Cleek, who was untruthful in court about showing Becky pictures of Adam on Thursday the 12th — which she failed to identify.

And the three witnesses at the hearing, who clearly heard Wanda Burrows tell Becky who Adam Braseel after she  watched him enter the court room, but failed to notice.

Becky made many  conflicting statements of what the alleged assailant was wearing, looked like, as well as what weapon was supposed to have been used. The times and dates Becky told at various times were equally conflicting..

Where is Pam Stephenson now is the question. And will she now testify?

*In the picture is Pam’s place of residence on Hospital Road in Winchester. And yet another gold colored car.




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