Mob Boss Adam Braseel caught whacking Burrows on mountain “Vig” collection run.

Kingpin Braseel is shown here:  bottom row, third from right, or wait, was it third from left. Awe heck, who knows, hang em high!

First of all I want to bring up another question.

Jan 7th: Malcolm Burrows body found

Jan 8th: Sheriff  Myers and agent Davis,  on what they claim was some kind of anonymous information, set their sights on Adam Braseel for Malcolm Burrows murder and go track him down.

Jan 9th: Sheriff claims Kirk Branden came to his office and identified Adam Braseel from a picture.

OK – I have to ask — where is the police report that states Braden picked out a certain picture?  What picture was it? Where did he mark or indicate this was the picture? I want to see it. Are you trying to tell me that a witness comes to pick out a murder suspect and you don’t even write down which picture they pick?

The same goes for when Becky Hill allegedly went to the jail and allegedly picked out Adam from a Photo-lineup. Where? You mean to say she came in, picked out a photo and you did not write down she came in the office, or which photo it is she picked out? As if this whole transaction did not warrant a report? How could anyone call this a procedure if it is not documented?

Is it a surprise then in court, when deputy Lonnie Cleek, while looking at the photo line-up, picks out a person other than Adam Braseel as the person Becky Hill picked out?

I find myself in the odd position of tearing this photo line up nonsense apart because of the place we find ourselves in the appeals process. This is because of the limited amount of evidence brought in from past attorneys, meaning we are not able to bring in new evidence yet in the proceedings because the whole “unconscious” court has gone haywire.

So be it.

So let’s ask — How can anyone believe that a Sheriff or Deputy would not write down or have the witness write down or mark which picture was identified — Really? Because I certainly don’t. And I have no reason to believe any of it happened at all at this point. Nor should you.

I believe Myers, Davis, Cleek and Brown had their man before any alleged identification took place and that was that. Ie it was a setup.

All from what they called — anonymous information. Otherwise known as withholding evidence.

And if you now believe Sgt. Brown, they got it from April Cordova — who many believe, including her own family members, was a hitwoman for the mob.

Now there’s reliable source.

I expect the next crazy response to be heard from the Attorney General’s office, after their last claims that the witness was unconscious when shown a photo lineup, is that: Adam Braseel was a Kingpin Mob Boss taking care of business. One of his soldiers, April Cordova,  turned him in. But they couldn’t reveal this at the time because she was in the witness protection program!

That Adam Braseel took a break from his UPS job to go up to the mountain to collect his “Vig” from Mike’s Pharmacy and Krista Garner and had Malcolm burrows whacked for drawing too much attention to the operation.

I tell you, I wouldn’t be surprised at any claim at all.

The AG has till the end of the first week of January to respond to the severe throw down they were given by our side.

Brace yourself for the reply.



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