Counting the dead in the Braseel case. Foster and Lay funeral home Tracy City. Business is brisk

Malcolm Burrows — dead.

Becky Hill Burrows  —  died in her home not long after a domestic violence arrest was made for her son Kirk.

Josh Seagroves —  Adam’s alibi dead.

Wanda Burrows — proponent of snitch letters died. She also pointed out to Becky who Adam was in court because Becky didn’t know who Adam was. Several of her own husbands died too. Dead.

Roxanne Seagroves – she got Killer Alan Meeks to make a snitch letters for Wanda against Adam – she is dead.

Sgt Troy Brown died. Sat outside the Braseel house waiting for Adam. Dead.

Mike price – died.

Don Burrows – said Adam didn’t do it at Malcolm’s funeral. It was because of the murdered horses he said.  He died.

Kristas murdered horses. Dead

April Cordova – Person Sgt Brown said put him on to Adam as suspect – she died.

Wayne Myers – he was mysteriously on prosecution witness list – he died.

Dana Frederick – was on prosecution letter by Philip Clay — saying her father would kill her boyfriend like he killed Malcolm. She died.

Malcolm’s house was burned out and it is gone.

All the records at the sheriff’s office were burned and are destroyed.

The car sent to the lab has a different VIN number than the one received.

Nothing to worry about.





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