GOV Haslam conspiring with deputy Cleek to keep Adam in jail, all to hide the Sackler Pill Mills.

The court of appeals claims have become so farfetched and crazy – it’s contagious.

When I talked to the Attorney General in Nashville, attempting to inform him that his depiction of Malcolm Burrows was a bit far fetched; telling the court he was a simple shade tree mechanic, living in a humble shack in the hills with his loving relatives, when one night a stranger came knocking — I did I get a reply

Especially when I pointed out Malcolm was at the center of a Pill Mill, they noted my use of capital letters, the P and the M – and then called me a communist!

Wait, hold on, who is the communist? As far as I remember it was Russia who used to show those propaganda films to the people. Scenes of short lines in well laden grocery stores filled to the brim with an abundance of food. While the reality was far different, long lines, to get the merest of crumbs.

And so it is in the papers the court and AG spews out . It all sounds so “legal.” and well laden with case law, but upon further scrutiny, it is all built on a foundation of lies.

Now, when we still can’t get a resolve on the missing files, have we entered an era where authority simply fabricates evidence, and myth to  control the people.

Sounds like Russia not America to me.







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