Former Sheriff Myers calls sheriff Shrum out. Saying he lied about the files being destroyed. Blames him for negative publicity.

A recent posting on Brent Myers FB page was sent to me:

” In the Braseel case no matter what is said the District Attorney presented the facts that were given to them and a jury convicted him. Everyone that was involved was only doing there job. A lot of this negative publicity has originated from Sheriff Shrum. He told numerous people that the files were missing which was a lie. Just because he didn’t want to get involved and because he wanted to make it look like I have done something wrong he lied and it was recorded. The bottom line is that if there is knew evidence it needs to be looked into but if there if not all of the politics need to stop. I’ll assure you that no matter what is being said the District Attorney is doing everything in his power to resolve this.”

The truth is the district attorney is doing everything in his power to try to stop the real facts from coming out. He maliciously acted to put Adam Braseel back in prison, revoking bond granted by the higher court.

Myers own argument would be more plausible had he not altered and hidden evidence at every turn.

As for the missing files, where are they?\

Here Myers alters evidence.



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