Grundy Sheriff in violation of FOIA request by Bradley commissioner on the ”missing” files.

Dan Rawls, of Bradley county, filed an FOIA request last month with the Grundy County Sheriff’s office requesting files from Sheriff Brent Myers’ tenure. The rules are explicit on these requests — that if the agency can’t provide the documents, it must tell why — in writing — and has ten days to do so.  Clint Shrum received the official request, but has not answered it in the required time.

The question is, then, if what Clint Shrum said was true, and the files are missing, why not just put this in writing –officially?

For Adam Braseel it would mean he could take this statement to the court — to subpoena those working at the Sheriff’s office at the time — to clarify some very important issues to his case.

Or the TBI could just do a thorough investigation of the missing evidence itself.

Why won’t the Sheriff put it in writing?



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