Arrived Nashville, Jan 9, — agent S-4 reporting – Burns Detective Agency. ( historical reference)

Staying at the Hermitage was a coincidental choice, just happening to be across the street from tomorrow’s appointment with the lawyer. The lavish decor and opulent attentions of a cheery fresh faced top hatted doorman, opened directly to the streets where State officials scurried to and fro. The Capital building , States Office and Supreme Court.

Despite these accouterments of tenure and regal importance of location, the young female witness who came to my room revealed scant truth that night. Perhaps more comfortable as advocate than player. Yet behind her gifted looks and brown eyes, specked with little golden flakes, the questions shone to one who has been around. Behind the action their belays motive.

The struggle to find one’s place in the story. Brings  the “witness” to the places we go. There’s a force that moves mountains and wanderers alike. Though the mind might tell us, it just isn’t so.

If I’d been any good at telling stories, I would have, and perhaps, I’d misplaced my own. Being limited of religious education too. But still the light comes into the soul through the wounds. The coverup blocks us from the light. We are all damaged goods and yet perfect that way. Peace is knowing we are at the right place now. Hell is fighting the moment we are given. All so easily forgotten, and thought about far too much.

Four of us waited in the conference room for Alex. Pastor Roy Wood was on the phone complaining to a friend on the phone that I’d just admonished him for talking too loud on the phone. Or being on the phone in the first place. But I couldn’t hear his lovey wife Amanda’s softhearted voice, nor much of what Chris Braseel was saying either. Noticing when I talked,  Roy got louder, not being able to hear enough of his own self probably.  I could see we were much alike in that way and fortunately, all in the room laughed at the whole thing. Bringing us comfortable for what came next..

Alex came in and started doing the talking anyway. Solving at least that issue. He was cheerful and filled with analogies. But the message was concerning; the Court in front of us seems to do what it wants. Choosing the things it thinks important to rule on, and leaving  the rest behind. Upon Roy remembering to ask the right question,  Alex estimated it would be between one and three months for the Court to decide whether to hear the appeal. Requiring only two of five judges though to make that decision. Good news. I asked Alex to do a short explanation and status report on video. Christina being the cinematographer. This will get posted soon for all to see.

Yet most of all it was “knowed” from the day, that the best chance is still in the dark — lurking. The one with the truth to come forward and tell. What Alex  called “the girlfiend” situation.











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