Nine Months of Freedom — the Tragic Victory for Adam Braseel — and everyone

On December of 2015, the Fear the Hills website was created. Knowing nothing but a feeling there was a story here, but not knowing what it was. Passions ran high. Some were angry, some valiant. Some came forward with new evidence and noise was made. The result was the very unusual circumstance of a man convicted of murder having his case overturned and released on bond. Able to join his family and enjoy his freedom.

This is a major victory,  considering the justice system we have. There are those now in Nashville who think Judge Angel overstepped his bounds by granting Adam a new trial. That he was influenced by things not presented in court. But so what if he was? Anyone reading these blogs would know there is so much doubt. So many unanswered questions.

I believe that Judge Angel reacted to an underlying passion from a community that was emotionally stirred and inspired — believing there might be hope for  justice – for everyone, anyone who felt the world had become a place they did not recognize for themselves. The thousands that flocked at the beginning are proof of that. So many had no idea what the cause was, only seeing it was an opportunity to fight for what’s right.  Even amidst the annoyance of the outsider.

Since then, so much has happened, and the state intervening guarantees a long unfortunate process for Adam Braseel,  unless those who could act, do. But this does not seem likely. A metaphor for all the others with unanswered question in there own lives and frustration getting help in finding the truth.

There is no purpose in my harping on the same issues over and over. It is a dishonor to the victory won by the community.  The reality is, the Grundy County people won Adam’s freedom, if only for nine months. The State took that back, not the people. A situation complicated by the hope there is more to be learned. — is there some magic bullet out there that would prove everything without a doubt?

But hurting others to find this, just to have total victory,  I now see, is not the right thing. Those decision must be made by those who live in the community where they live.

I am perhaps a rain maker at times. Startling and inventive. My intention though,  is not to be hurtful. So now I must bow out, at least for now.

A caustic blogger belies the real magic we all saw happen.  A sincere and empathetic curiosity of those who want to know. That nine months of freedom and everything happening around it is real, it is an important story, and hopefully an excellent film. Of which will be pursued. To remind us of the heart of the smaller victories, that are, in the end, the biggest victories of all.

This is not to offer gloom. The case is being reviewed by the Supreme Court. It is now in the hands of a very capable lawyer I met and believe in whole heartedly. Like him though, all of us can ultimately do our best — and after doing our work,  we lay our case in the hands of the understanding of the world we have best found.

For now this will be the last post on the Adam Braseel case.

Thank you everyone for everything you have done to win the extraordinary Nine Months of Freedom. Thank you to those who have shared your stories. Thank you to those who have disagreed and called me out.  I am well met by such fine people. Humbled by the opportunity to share in the lives of others.


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