Did the FBI and TBI know Adam’s case was bogus and just sit back and watch?

Posted 2009 from Tullahoma:

Sheriff Myers would arrest a ham sandwich for being Jewish. If there’s a way to mess up a case, make a poor judgement call or side with the wrong party, “The Blind Eye of Justice” will find a way to look the wrong way.

Seriously. He messed up the simplest case for us which could have been a real victory for him had he handled one step of it even partially competently.

How is this man in office?

There are few who could write what was written here. You would have to know the original quote of Sol Wachtler, chief judge of the State Court of Appeals in New York, a grand jury would ‘indict a ham sandwich,’ if that’s what you wanted.”

The writer alters the quote to refer to Myers arresting a ham sandwich and refers to a case they had with Myers and does so in the Adam Braseel forum.

The post was made from Tullahoma where two Richard Poff’s lived. Junior and Senior. Senior was a prominent Judge who passed on nomination for the Supreme Court and Junior was an FBI agent who dealt with narcotics and pill trafficking.

Malcolm Burrows was under investigation by both the FBI and the TBI for narcotics and pill trafficking including a mail order pill business. Yet neither the TBI or FBI will now come forward and admit it.

Malcom winds up dead amidst this investigation–  yet not once is this mentioned in the court record. Malcolm is depicted only as a Shadetree Mechanic by the Attorney General of Tennessee and only that. They have done everything in their power to absolve themselves from their role and cover-up the case they botched and are willing to let an innocent man rot in prison to do it.

To all the people who think they know things or heard things — think again. If your rumors were true — Taylor, Strain, Shrum, Myers, Peters, Davis, Perry, Coulam, Haslam, Woodall on up etal — then what would be feared by telling the truth about the man who was murdered and the circumstances surrounding his death?

And what legacy shall you stand on knowing ten years of records are missing from the Sheriffs Office?  Talk about Brady violation –is there something in there you don’t want to talk about? Cowards —  yellow belly — absolute lowest slithering worms letting a fall guy take your blame.

The story is soon finished and written part one – the legacy and will be published soon enough and wax eternal. The questions alone indicting and clear – the Grand Jury now the People and your own people who might know you anew. Tell me who will be the Ham Sandwiches now? Good luck.

Richard Poff Jr.died in 2014, apparent suicide according to sources. Adding to a long list of dead surrounding this case. Oh Adam, what did you find yourself into little cub? Of bramble ant thorn and holes in the the fences of which the young find their heads stuck.






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