Cultural Irony of the Adam Braseel Case — what is truth and what is “fake truth”

There is a cultural irony going on here. In the Adam Braseel case, The Criminal Court of Appeals just makes things up, as well as the local DA’s office, ignoring concretes facts as  ”fake facts.” While offering no facts of their own – just rumor.  — much like this whole fake news deal Trump it touting when clearly getting his facts jumbled.

The fate of Adam Braseel rests in getting the real facts out there.

It is interesting that there are a lot of Trump supporters in the Grundy County region.

Yet the purveyors in his case of the facts are not Trump supporters. Adam’s lawyer Alex Little is fairly outspoken of what he thinks of Trump. I myself think he is a buffoon, though I thought Hillary was the devil. I would certainly have chosen Bernie Sanders over the two.

But to the point, as if it would be some fake news that Malcolm Burrows was under investigation for being in a drug ring with Krista Garner and Doc Florence, that Malcolm killed Garners horses because she cut him off and then Malcolm winds up dead. As if this would have nothing to do with Malcolm being killed.

Or that Kirk Braden, who was the one leading the way with Myers and Cleek in putting the crime on Adam, just happened to have been arrested for domestic assault, a fact hidden by former Myers by destroying all the records, forgetting though about the Grundy County Herald archives where I found the records and other records.

So, does destroying records make things fake news, to deny the reality Hardly. It makes a very scary system where people are convicted on rumor rather than facts.

In my opinion there are a lot of naïve people out there. That there are a lot of fake people who hide behind claims of righteousness but offer no proof and put the wool over others eyes. And in a criminal case it can cost a person their freedom.

An interesting situation with people of different approaches to life, where fates lie in the balance.

Its also interesting that this same place is where Martin Luther King was framed for being a communist. MLK might have been many things, but not that. It was just a convenient way for the status quo of some good ole boys.  But I guess it’s all a matter of what you can get people to believe.














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