Why Steve Strain, Myers and whoever else is full of it and why the accomplice story is bullshit.

A week before the trial, Steve Strain sent a series of letters to the defense written by various parties housed in the Grundy County jail  — stating:  We know of an accomplice.

The accomplice he is referring to is in these letters –named by Phillip Clay.

“Myself, Dewayne Layne, Dana Frederick were all out riding around just hanging out. Basically, taking Xanax and drinking beer.  Dana + Dewayne “Boyfriend + Girlfriend” got into a heated argument. Dewayne said if she didn’t shut up he would beat the hell out of her. She came back with: “my Dad” Ek Frederick would kill him, just like he killed Malcolm Burrows. Dewayne kept telling her to not say anything else about that but she kept saying “Just Like Malcolm – Just Like Malcolm.”

When Clay testified at the hearing about this, Strain then says that what Clay is saying about the above, is hearsay. Well no shit Sherlock, it is the hearsay your officer Cleek took, and propagated when you sent it out saying — that was your proof of an accomplice.

So, Meyers, Cleek and Strain and every fool who says the same thing, that they don’t think Adam actually killed Malcolm, but he was an accomplice, but still guilty because he won’t say who it is, I hope you are following, that this is a circular bunch of crap started by the DA himself.

On the one hand its hearsay when it is convenient for him to say so, but not when it suits his propose to convict by starting an unsubstantiated rumor. In other words, Tampering.




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