It’s all about prescription pills — otherwise poor Malcolm wouldn’t have been swept under the leaves.

Poor Malcolm Burrows. I feel bad for him. No one even bothered to look for him the night he was murdered. And who knows, if they had gone and found him, they could have saved his life, unless of course they all knew he was dead.  Except for Mike Brown, who did look for him where everyone wrote down where he was, right next to the car. And he found him right away.

Maybe I am the only one who cares about Malcolm. Despite the fact he was a drug dealer, it doesn’t mean he deserved to die or suffer. I would think any of the friends Malcolm had would be very disturbed at the lack of concern over his death. That no one looked for him. And who thinks it is very suspicious  why no one did? Of course, people who wouldn’t go look for him would want to find someone to blame. Wouldn’t they? Especially if they were known addicts or somehow profiting.

Here’s another simple question the defense lawyer could have asked:

Were you absolutely wasted on pills that night? Malcolm was, his autopsy showed high levels of oxycodone and Soma. C’mon, you were all drugged out of your minds weren’t you. Had you had an argument that night, you and your mother?  You and Malcolm?

These are simple questions that were never asked. I don’t think there is anyone but myself who eve talked to Kirk.

How far could everyone bend over to make sure drugs were not mentioned in court. Well if Mike’s pharmacy is filming the trial, I guess bending over is a good way to put it.

As what could possibly go wrong with a pharmacy owner, who runs a pain clinic and the TV station, whose nephew is Sheriff?  Can’t imagine how prescription drugs are not mentioned ONCE in court.






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