Who is pulling the strings?

The time period was surreal. I had heard from an investigator in Tennessee, that Judge Angel was going to have his ass handed to him on a platter. I looked for movement at the Criminal Court of Appeals and noticed they checked out Adam’s bond information. Something was up. Then I saw it come, the TRAP notice, that Judge Angel’s decision was reversed. However, the order stated that bond could continue pending appeal to the Tennessee Supreme Court.

When I called Adam immediately though, I learned it was already happening.

To watch the shock and horror of those trying to follow as the story unfolded in tidbits , when without warning, a bondsman came in the night to the Braseel home, again delivering further bad news to the repeatedly tortured and devastated sister and mother, that their brother and son, the kind hearted spiritual uplifting Adam Braseel was going back in, his bond’s been revoked,  he needs to come immediately, to be taken back to prison, again, all with no answer to what was happening and who was pulling the strings.

A decision was made, but not delivered, but bond could be continued, but no it could not, like a Yo – Yo as the family was being once again whipsawed.

Learning in the following days that no,  Adam would not be getting a new trial after all, “our bad,”  –  the Higher Judges from the Higher Courts have ruled a mistake had been made by Judge Angel, who, during a grueling three year process, with many lengthy hearings and ups and downs, taking evidence and weighing the facts, with investigators bubbling up streams of new exculpatory evidence of unfair procedures and police misconduct, was found in one singular moment to have gotten his facts wrong, by the stroke of the royal pen, a warning to the peasants their emperor is indeed wearing clothes – and has such right and power to make the most ludicrous claims at whim — that Becky Hill was unconscious when Lonnie Cleek went to show her pictures in the kitchen of her sister’s house. But in any event, all those things wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the trial, as the lords announced they somehow know this.

Then, upon begging the pardon and appeal of the High Command of how it would “know this,” being that it’s refutation of the judge’s facts was being done with obviously false facts. The Court writes back:

Well we’d rather not talk about it.

Everyone has gone through a period of not understanding what is happening to them. But for Adam and his family, it truly had been ten years of nightmare, stuck in a Bermuda Triangle of storm. with bizarre reprieves, followed by the next trap door sending them down a newer darker tunnel. As if a cruel script writer was plotting and waiting for the next best moment to pull the lever of “gottya.” The sadistic amusement for yet another moment of chaos and turmoil for an otherwise normal family from Pelham valley. Not the kind where one is simply left to die. But the one where one is continually brought back and forth endlessly between hope despair and confusion.

If there is truth in curses, Adam Braseel has got one.

Or as one Grundy writer said. Let’s watch for the next way Adam is screwed over again.





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