New evidence — new person at Malcolm Burrow’s house on afternoon of murder.

Chewy Nunley admits he was at Malcolm.s house at 3PM, the afternoon before the night of the murder of Malcolm Burrows and attempted murder of his sister Becky. This is news. No one has ever mentioned this until now. Certainly, not Kirk. Chewy is a relative of the Burrows family, Malcom’s brother Bill’s son, and said he went to see Kirk to ask him if he wanted to go to an event and Kirk told him he did not so he left.

In Becky Hill’s only written statement, she identifies the person who beat her as someone who had been to the house earlier in the day. That person came back later in the evening to say they had car trouble and then again, some 15 minutes later came back and assaulted her. A total of three times coming to the house.

Sgt Mike Brown, when he came forward, said the same. That when he talked to Becky she told him the perpetrator was someone who had been to the house in the afternoon.

Becky’s testimony conflicts with her statement, she told the jury she never saw her assailant before 9PM. The prosecution’s time line being between nine and ten PM. Becky testified her assailant came around 9:15 and then came back about 15 minutes later. Her testimony now being the assailant had been to the house two times instead of the original three times she said in the statement.

Note that her statement does not tell of a red-haired person.

It’s common knowledge the Burrow’s and Chewy believe ED Nunley, Adam’s uncle, murdered Malcolm, believing though that Krista Garner was behind the whole thing because of her horses being murdered by Malcolm, a retaliation of his own for being cut off from the supply of pain pills he believed he was entitled to for loaning Krista the money to start her pain clinic in Monteagle.

In the ED Nunley theory, Adam was the lure man, Ed was waiting and killed Malcolm, then Adam went back to the house to kill Becky, but was interrupted by Kirk.

Chewy says at Maclolm’s funeral Ed Nunley, one of the pal bearers said, “this finishes what I started.”

While one could imagine Ed Nunley, who had a history with Malcolm, as a possible suspect, as well as a long list of others, one still would have to reconcile Adam Braseel as the most monstrous of them all, being sent back to kill the feeble sister, only failing because he was stopped.

But now with Chewy coming forward saying he was at the Burrows house and talking to Kirk, one wonders why Kirk left this out of his testimony or reports. Once again, a gap.

If someone had actually looked for Malcolm that night, there would be fewer doubts, as his body sat there for two hours, “undiscovered,” though Kirk told police where Malcolm had to be – at the Chrysler he took to help the man. That both Kirk and his brother Kris who picked him up, just drove by the Chrysler on the side of the road where Malcolm’s body was later found, just speaks of people that don’t want to be near something they could get caught with.

Chewy said he showed  a picture of Adam to Kirk at some point. Why he would have pictures of Adam I don’t know.

Chewy confirms that Kirk did not have a car. Becky, he said, drove a van. All of this is in direct conflict with Becky’s testimony where she told Malcolm to take her Chrysler because his van wasn’t registered.

Making one really wonder how that Chrysler wound up on the side of the road. The car with two VIN numbers.

And what happened to Malcolm’s car? His possessions, the drugs in his house, his money? And who burned his house down.

One thing is glaring — Garner and the investigation her and Malcolm were under was swept under the rug by defense and prosecution alike. One that would have revealed a bastion of pill mill activity.

I think it’s obvious with the above information, and the same type of prosecution, Chewy could easily have fallen under the sights of prosecution – maybe he did it.

The truth is no one has proven anything.  In court, there was so much lying and perjury and hearsay, it raises the bar of small town hillbilly courtroom antics. Just like a bunch of moonshiners, their lawyers and judges protecting the local biz. Andy Taylor would be proud.























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