Citizens to Protest in Nashville for justice – Adam Braseel Case and beyond

Citizens of Grundy County and surrounding areas will protest the Tennessee higher courts for intervening and taking away a new trial granted by local judge Angel for Adam Braseel. They not only want justice for a man they believe was railroaded, but they demand justice and order be restored to their region, as this is not an isolated case. The higher courts did not review evidence like Angel did, nor do they know the case as can be seen by the many errors in their record, including covering up a missing County Investigator, who was not allowed to testify and when finally tracked down in another state years later, reveals an unparalleled pattern of corruption where evidence was routinely stolen or destroyed at the former Sheriff’s office to protect a family business.

The court refuses to take responsibility and acknowledge Adam Braseel was convicted during the corrupt regime of of a Sheriff, whose family operated a pain clinic and covered up that the man who was murdered, was not only a major drug dealer, but was a financial partner in a pain clinic himself. A connection many were desperate to conceal as it would cause an avalanche of scrutiny from outside law enforcement — that drug dealers were now actively investing and partnering with medical professionals.

Drugs and prescription pain medication have ravaged the area, and allowing those who operate these nefarious enterprises to dictate the law has gone on far too long, but is what the Tennessee Supreme Court has chosen to turn their blind eye to.

Adam Braseel was a twenty-three-year-old UPS worker who lived in Franklin County who happened to visit the area when Malcolm Burrows was found murdered. Adam was in no way tied to drugs, drug dealing or the prescription drug rings. He was convicted only by the eye witness testimony of two people involved and living at the location where the drug ring operated. Who, when shown pictures of by the Sheriff, the otherwise potential suspects merely chose to identify Adam as a convenient person to blame, as the true facts and faulty identification process bear out by any rational person. The drug infested house being a place he had never been nor has anyone claimed to see him, nor be associated with any of the individuals who lived. He was merely a convenient way to cover up their own involvement and deflect an active investigation into their activities, as the murder of Malcolm was most likely committed by those wishing to silence him under the pressure of an ongoing investigation by the TBI and FBI, as the true facts and circumstances show.

This is the worst from of protectionism that routinely took place by those who had seized public office for their financial gains, of which the Supreme Court of Tennessee has chosen to further and come down on the wrong side of.

A newly elected Judge Justin Angel easily saw through the frame job by potential accomplices and dared challenge the status quo, granting Adam Braseel a new trial based on ineffective counsel, an understatement, as defense attorneys were well aware of this missing investigator allowing the state to put on hearsay testimony by officers not active at the crime scene. Including perjury. Attorney’s whose doctor clients were themselves involved in the very same drug business. A jury foreman who was close friends with the Sheriff and whose son was a doctor with ties to those involved in the pill business with the Sheriff’s family.

Protectionism that ravages these poor counties and has cost Adam Braseel his freedom for a crime he did not commit, simply to cover-up their misdeeds. It perhaps being too inconvenient to dig up the past and sort through the other bad cases resulting from the corrupt administration. That is not what American justice is supposed to be as guaranteed by the constitution, which the court has chosen to ignore.

As present Sheriff Shrum acknowledges: Saying he was told “the corruptions of the past were taken care of by the election.” Try telling that to Adam Braseel, his family and all of those who were ravaged by the past corruptions – if they are indeed in the past.

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