Kirby Crabtree, a Burrows family member asked me to post a statement – here it is Adam Braseel Case –

The Burrows family, Kirby Crabtree (above), asked me to post this saying I wouldn’t because they believe this site posts biased or false information. The truth is I have never received anything from them before.

In this anonymous letter, the anonymous person states  false claims are made on this page. So let’s go through these one by one.


1: If someone had seen Adam at the Hillbilly Bar, why has no one heard this until now? Also it would then make the prosecutors time line completely impossible.

2: Contrary to the claim here, Krista’s murdered horses and the money transactions between Krista and Malcolm were reported to the police as seen below. They were just not followed up on by Sheriff Myers. Teresa Layne reported this, she worked with Krista in the pain clinic. The former Mayor of Monteagle and the hairdresser who worked next door, both have confirmed Krista crying about here horses being killed.

Sheriff Myer’s report.


Two Burrows family members themselves affirm the horses were killed – Roxanne Crabtree and Wanda Desmerais.


Not only did the Burrows know about the horses and money, they then tried to pin the horse killing on Adam too.


3: As for Kirk Braden’s arrest for domestic assault in 2010 – talk to officer Andy West who affirms this took place Between Kirk and his mother at her residence where kirk lived. Kirk moved to Hillcrest on his own after his mother died. This is not the only report of domestic reports between Kirk and his mother.

4:  As far as Jean going to get her son to take him to the Sheriff’s office herself. This is what any sane person would do. There was no warrant for him. Her mistake was not getting a lawyer first. But she was very afraid they would find him and kill him to close the case. From what I have seen that takes place up there, that is a very legitimate fear. She did take him to the Sheriff where he surrenders his clothing and car, none of which had any blood or DNA, not even his hat. This after two brutal and bloody fights is near impossible to believe possible. There was no time to clean anything –Nor was there a gas can Becky said he had. Ask yourself this question, if he did do it, he would have to be a complete idiot to surrender the clothes he wore. No, he was completely confident because he did not beat anyone.

5: As far as the fire is concerned, are you saying that your respected Malcolm burned down her house? That he is an arsonist beside being a major dealer and partner in the pill clinic? The truth is Imojean was approached by some meth makers to rent the house and she said no. We know who they are. Soon after the house was burned down. In any case the prosecution did not bring this up in court because they knew it was BS. And they would have because they offer no motive for Adam for wither offence other than stealing the wallet which we now is questionable, as Mike Brown who discovered the body said his wallet was on him. What we’d like to know is how did Becky know how much money was in her brothers wallet. As I have never known what is in my sister’s wallet.

So you know have Brown, Caldwell, and West who all must be lying to prove your conspiracy.

And riddle me this Kirby, who happens to have red hair too, why did neither Kirk or his brother look for their uncle while he lay there dying on the side of the road. They just drove on past him, not bothering to stop at the car they knew he took. Unless they knew he was dead already that is.


As far as the defense attorneys, yes they were effective in certain matters, Just not when it would reveal the pill ring everyone was involved in. Flossy was indicted 57 times as a judge then retired int private practice, This is undisputed, Malcolm’s house was a pit stop for drugs which had been gang raided by the DEA not long before. Both Becky and Kirk lived in a drug infested house, and as such could be considered accomplice in Malcolm’s business. Not what I would call reliable eyewitness testimony as I am sure the DA and Sheriff reminded them they needed to say what they were told to or they could be charged,











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