Kasey Kilgore and Trey Meeks were at Malcolm Burrows house the weekend of his murder. Jan – 2006.

Kasey said Trey would often get money from Malcolm to go to the doctors for pills. And the weekend of Jan 7th 2006, was no different. She said Trey and Malcolm were messing with a car on the road when they stopped by. Another source says the battery charger found by the car belonged to Trey Meeks.

Jay Douglas, who gave a report to Sheriff Myers, which somehow got buried and was never used in court, describes him seeing a couple in a gold colored car at Malcolm’s that matches the description on Trey and Kasey.

Sources say Trey Meeks left for Alabama and has not returned to Tennessee since the murder.

I believe if you asked Brent Myers, Mike Taylor or Steve Strain why exactly Adam Braseel was charged with the murder of Malcolm Burrows, I doubt none could say why other than two family members who would prefer not to be charged themselves and willing to say it was Adam. With all those who did business with Malcolm, it’s quite extraordinary that none were questioned including Trey Meeks and Kasey Kilgore. His name appears on Kirk Braden’s statement, as “Trey Meeks and his girlfriend came by.” Yet neither were questioned. Of course in a case where the investigator Mike Brown was never called to testify, nothing is surprising.

Again, when Adam was charged and convicted of murder, not once did the state reveal Malcolm was a major dealer. That the defense never brought this up and never even bothered to talk to Sgt Mike Brown to find out the real truth about what went on at the crime scene, speaks volumes of the defense or lack thereof Adam received.

No police work and no defense — just prosecution.



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