Honorable Curtis Collier picks up Adam Braseel’s Federal Appeal

Senior Federal Judge Curtis Collier has read the Habeas appeal filed by Adam Braseel and has ordered the State of Tennessee to respond.

In the appeal, Adam points out that the entire case is based on perjured testimony. Starting with the claim that Malcolm Burrow’s was killed over his wallet – a wallet they claimed was stolen. Though we know now that was not the case  – after Mike Brown, the investigator who has come forward has made clear, that when he turned the body of Malcolm Burrows over to TBI agent Larry Davis and Sheriff Myers, Malcolm’s big fat wallet was in is back pocket.

From the get go, it stood out, to this writer anyway, that the identity of Malcolm Burrows and his business in the drug trade was hidden from the defendant and the jury. For any sensible person, they know that dealing drugs is a risky business. Not just the risk of getting caught, but the risk of being offed by rivals in the trade. Even those who live a sheltered life have watched TV. Shows like breaking bad, or movies like the Godfather show the dangers of dealing drugs.

Perhaps Malcolm took a page from the Godfather if he did what they say and Killed Nurse Garner’s horses in retaliation for being cut off from his pill supply.  Made clear in Terresa Layne’s statement to Sheriff Myers. Members of the Burrows family have also voiced this many times, that they believed Malcolm was killed because of what he was in to with the drugs.

So how is it that the State of Tennessee clings on to this idea that Malcolm was killed over a simple robbery. Why are they covering up Malcolm’s business in the prescription drug trade?

We are very much hoping Federal Judge Collier is willing to find out why? To go deep and put his authority into finding all the truth  here and taking the appropriate actions.

And get to the bottom of the files being destroyed at the Grundy County Sheriff’s office. Which I would think is very big deal to anyone — though even the news has avoided the elephant in the room – there is certainly no denial of this fact by the current administration, no action has been taken.

Malcolm and Krista Garner were under investigation at the time of his murder. By Adam being convicted, it all got covered up. Motive? Sure. Age old motive – save ones butt even if it cost an innocent man his freedom and destroys his family.  People are capable of the worst, and we are seeing it here.







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