Records from the Grundy County Herald tell two stories of Malcolm Burrows. Pay the eight bucks to find out the truth.


When Malcolm Burrows body was found on Mellissa Rock road on Jan 7th, 2006, the Grundy County Herald described him as “well liked” and a former alderman. Though they didn’t mention the circumstances he was made Alderman, a situation well covered in their own paper and the reason I know this, the day Malcolm Burrows was voted into office by Mike Price as part of a coup to overthrow Police Chief Randy Taylor. They didn’t report that by the end of that day Malcolm was made Alderman, he was arrested for stalking and assault. Part of a string of Arrests of Malcolm by Taylor. And part of many arrests for various charges. Most listed in the Grundy County Herald archives.

Malcolm, by many accounts, was well liked, by others, not so much. Adams own mother Imojean had occasion to meet Malcolm and she had nothing bad to say of him. Though she had no place in his business practices.

In the movie the Godfather, Don Corleone says it’s not his business what a man does for a living, but this drug business is going to be the downfall of us all. This is said when talking about the heroin trade moving into the mob.

So it began, that Malcolm’s true life was not reported from the start. It can be noted that Malcolm’s body was found with high levels of oxycodone and Soma in his bloodstream. A combination called a Las Vegas Cocktail. The interaction producing a stronger heroin high. The purpose of telling the truth is not to demonize Malcolm, but to understand the circumstances in which Adam Braseel could be convicted of murdering someone he had no dealings with. Adam could only be considered a visitor at the time. And here has been no evidence presented that Adam had any business with Malcolm or any involvement in the drug trade.

It would be impossible to believe the prosecutors and Sheriff in the case would not be fully aware of Malcolm arrest records at least. That the very house they purported his murder took place had been gang raided by the police where drugs were found.

The first witness was a relative/friend of the Sheriff for starters. Kirk Braden may have identified Adam in a picture at the Sheriff’s office, but he failed to tell the police he had seen Adam on the mountain and knew him by name, this after he first told police a stranger came to the door. So which was it, he knew him or he didn’t. Or he forgot he knew who Adam was as he declared in court. In all scenarios, this could influence his decision and/or credibility to accuse Adam.

Kirk himself has arrests for drugs and domestic violence – the extent of which not fully known, as there is a ten-year period of missing records from the Sheriffs office.

Ironically it being the Grundy County Archives we find many of the missing records.

Yet as I mentioned earlier, Malcolm was described as a former Alderman by the Herald article when he was murdered, the writer not reporting the Herlad’s own account of Malcolm as much more. Anyone can verify this by paying the eight bucks to comb the archives. Or if you want to ask, we have accumulated the articles as part of the film making process.

There are those who claim that the film making process would naturally sensationalize things for the purpose of entertainment. This is arguable true.

However, the Heralds own records speak for themselves. As it was not us who wrote that Malcolm was arrested several times by Chief Taylor or his house was gang raided for drugs. It was the Grundy County Herald.

This is not meant to be critical, but to point out there is undeniable two stories going on here. One being that Malcolm was a Shade-tree tree mechanic, former alderman, minding his own business in his little mountain house with his sister and her son, when one night a stranger came to the door saying his car broke down, as the State has used to convict Adam Braseel – or the other being that Malcolm was a flamboyant business entrepreneur in the drug trade who had made enemies as drug dealers do. Conflicts well known to many on the mountain and many reported in the Herald itself.

I have been on Mellissa Rock Road, and I would add that I am hard pressed to find a scenario in which someone’s car would happen to break down. The road goes nowhere but to Malcolm’s house, the Whites and Thomas Flury’s. None of which expressed they were expecting someone or laid claim to this mystery person.

In examining the statements and including the confirmation by now discovered SGT Mike Brown, the prosecutor failed or purposefully left out that Becky Hill said whoever hit her was there earlier in the afternoon. Not in the window of time from nine to ten PM the prosecutor claimed in making their case against Adam. Making no mention it was a person with red hair.

Kasey Kilgore offers insight saying that when she was there, Trey Meeks and Malcolm were working on a car and she and her mother thought Becky could easily been confused.

The authenticity of the whole story of a man whose car broke down comes into question when one sees that no one, including Kirk Braden, made any real effort to look for Malcolm at the spot where he reports Malcolm would be. Next to or in this car it was calimed Malcolm went off to help the mystery man.

Not to ruffle feathers, but the job of the police is to gather evidence, and if they are going to convict someone of murder, they should have the actual evidence.

There is no picture of this car, which is the murder crime scene according to the states theory, nor does the VIN number reported match the car received by the crime lab. There is a picture of Larry Davis’ car where they said the mystery car was. And what of the evidence gathered in the car at the lab. Are we to believe there were no prints laid on the vehicle by the mystery man or Malcolm. Nothing? Where is the report from the lad as it’s not in the case file.

Or the purported gas can, where is it? Where is Malcolm car? And how did Kirk Braden get to this house as his brother had to come pick him up. Was he using this mystery car?



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