Adam Braseel to have Hearing — Sgt Mike Brown enters the court record and tells us what really happened. Finally.

On Sept 13th a Corim Nobis hearing will be held in Grundy County in front of honorable Justin Angel. Attorney’s for Adam will present the affidavit of former Grundy County investigator Sgt Mike Brown indicating evidence was tampered with in the prosecution of Adam Braseel. That when Sgt Brown turned the body of Malcolm Burrows over to States investigator Larry Davis, Sheriff Brent Myers and Chief Lonnie Cleek, there was a wallet in Mr Burrows back Pocket. The State, in making its case against Adam Braseel claimed the wallet was stolen. By claiming the wallet was stolen, the State was able to push aside other suspects including Eck Frederick and Krista Garner. Who in a statement by Phillip Clay it was indicated by Dana Frederick that Malcolm Burrows death was a murder for hire instigated by nurse Garner after a turf war ensued in Malcolm’s illicit Pill business with Garner. It should be noted that the entire proceeding concealed Malcolm Burrow’s illicit business and his alleged connection with nurse Garner in a pill mill operation. This business was overseen by Dr. David Florence of Manchester.

Though Mike Brown was the chief investigator the night of Jan 7th, 2006, he did not testify. His absence made me curious and gave me reason to find him and get his side of the story.  Mike Brown tells us in recorded interviews that after he retired, he called the prosecutor’s office when he heard Adam was being tried for murder.  Thinking he should testify as he was the main initial investigator who found the body, questioned Becky Hill and Kirk Braden and handled key evidence. At which point he was told “we have it covered.” And thus, Brown was kept from testifying.

(According to Mike Browns accounts of that night, there are several other places in which the prosecution was able to take liberties in presenting its case simply because Brown was not there to testify and refute the claims. )

Additionally, at the hearing Adam asks for a status conference to have Judge Angel rule on the two claims not ruled on in the post conviction appeal that was granted but reversed by the Criminal Court of Appeals. Namely that prejudicial hearsay was presented and not objected to and that the Statement by Phillip Clay was not presented indicating the murder for hire by Krista Garner and Frederick.




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