Adam Braseel Hearing stopped – State Blocks Judge Angel from hearing case

In what many see as a continued cover-up of foul play, and prosecutorial misconduct, the State of Tennessee has now blocked judge Angel from hearing new evidence slated to be reviewed next week.

Affidavits of crime scene investigator Sgt. Mike Brown and a juror, who tell of evidence theft and jury tampering, will not be heard on Sept 13th as scheduled. All of which comes after Adam Braseel had his conviction overturned once, only to see that ruling thwarted by the state.

A State Court Record which falsely claimed Sgt.Troy Brown found the body of Malcolm Burrows and where judges altered witness testimony, launched an investigation that led to the real Sgt. Brown.

Mike Brown was not the only thing missing in court. It being discovered that the true identity of the victim was never revealed in court. The prosecution actively hid that the deceased was a major drug dealer under investigation at the time of his murder. Witnesses who were presented to testify against Braseel were presented as squeaky clean and credible and never questioned as being part of Burrows pill mill operation, an enterprise that took place where both witnesses lived.





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