Strain now wants Judge Angel to recuse himself because he worked on Christmas day – what’s next?

Steve Strain has filed a petition for Judge Angel to recuse himself from the Adam Braseel case. Largely because Judge Angel threw out Adam Braseel’s conviction on a Christmas day. That in all of his years, he has never received an order from a judge on Christmas day.

The other issue is that Strain claims Angel got his facts wrong when he overturned Adam’s conviction in the first place. That, and that Angel was only given the transcripts as evidence of certain claims.

Perhaps he is in disbelief that the transcripts are sufficient proof.

The heart of the matter:

Steve Strain and the State continue to claim that Becky Hill did not see a photo line-up or make a statement at her sisters house on Thursday, the 12th. Because when Lonnie Cleek went there, Becky was in bed, “unconscious.” Therefore, there was never a time she failed to identify Adam Braseel. Thia is their argument.

But Strain fails to understand that Judge Angel, like us, can read directly from the transcripts, to see this is simply is not true.


Becky Hill’s account of Thurs, the 12th, (Preliminary hearing) Page 30 – line 2:

Q Where did they bring you this array of photos?

A To my sister’s, Rachel Crabtree…Brent and Lonnie took me into the kitchen and talked to me at the table.

Becky Hill is not unconscious, or in bed, as you can plainly see.

Not only that, here is the statement dated the 12th.



Below is the Affidavit of Steve Strain — do you think judge Angel should recuse himself?




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