Skelatal remains found, another unsolved murder in Grundy – remember this truism – when the wrong person is convicted of murder, it means killers are free and still on the loose.

Another body/skeleton unearthed in Grundy County TN

If you know the story behind the Thin Blue Line, you know the man who really did kill the Dallas police officer went on to murder and rape and sodomize for years. All because the police framed a patsy, Randal Adams for the crime. And even though they had the real murderer in their hands, they let him go. Eventually Adams was released after David Harris confessed. But that did nothing for the families of those murdered or came up missing during the period Harris should and would have been in prison if the police had done their job. If they were not corrupted.

Just in the known names associated with the Braseel case there are at least seven people dead. But this number is not including the ones we don’t know of, the mere casualties at the hands of those who were let free when the wrong ones are convicted.

This is not a fantasy, or a sensationalizing of matters that Sheriff Clint Shrum claims. The deaths and missing persons on his watch are every bit as real. And if he is somehow mystified at how this could be, perhaps he would be less so if he took seriously the very basic facts of police work, that if you get the wrong guy, the right ones are still out there. That arresting a few petty dealers does nothing to solve a problem. Soldiers are a dime a dozen and there is an endless stream of those to take their place.

To somehow get it through their heads, that once the police and the system cross the line of justice in the wrong direction, what the citizens get in return is a near anarchy of thugs and creepy criminals offing people in the woods, a recipe of murder and violence.

When police, prosecutors and judges lie about who the victim is in a crime to make their case , and let criminals testify appearing as decent law abiding citizens, exactly how it was done in a Thin Blue Line and in Grundy County, what signal is being sent out, other than there is a free for all, where innocent people are killed, raped or otherwise victimized by the those people that law enforcement has now sanctioned just to get their political points.

“The corruptions of the past were taken care of by the election,” is what the Sheriff tells the community. Is that so?

One person’s remark about a certain individual sums it up pretty well: “the guy is a known rapist and killer. Everyone knows, but the Sheriff does nothing. Meanwhile you have innocent people in prison.

And that’s just it Einstein, when you get the wrong people in prison for murder, you have the real ones walking amongst you. Unless you just don’t care, that is. So who is next?


Stay tuned on more on Skeletal remains and more missing persons and bodies in Grundy County


*Picture shown is reenactment as details are being withheld by authorities.






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