The other Mountain Trap – why Fear the Hills was needed to crack a veil of complicity. Routing out some truth.

Fear the Hills was necessary in the investigation of Malcolm Burrows death because no one from Grundy County would come forward and tell what they knew. There was a wall of complicity that remained for ten years. People who just stood back and watched as Adam Braseel was convicted, while hiding crucial facts about the man who was killed that lead directly to the door of potential suspects or witnesses never investigated or interviewed.

When Malcolm Burrows was murdered, the Grundy County Herald reported that authorities were mystified, as Malcolm was a well-liked ex alderman. This coming from the authorities it appears and I am contacting the writer to clarify.

Malcolm may have been well liked, and an ex-alderman, but for reasons of who might want Burrows dead, this description hardly does justice to the man.

As the day Burrows was appointed Alderman, he was arrested for assault on Tracy Police Chief Randy Taylor. It was all over the local news. So, it seems to me, if one can remember Burrows was an Alderman, one can remember the other parts.

To at least one person, the police chief, Malcolm was not well liked.

I have heard that Malcolm was a likeable fellow, in clarifying his connections for the Film, it is not meant to attack his character other than the criminal activities he was involved in that lead to suspects.

As under theories espoused by both Sheriff’s, there is still someone out there.  Even if one adopts the unsubstantiated theory that Braseel was an accomplice, it means there is killer on the loose. A truth that can’t be denied.

There were few leads in the police reports. So if there was one, it would be assumed it was investigated.

“According to Kirk Braden, Trey Meeks and girlfriend came by the house either Friday or Saturday,” as was written in Sheriff Myers report.

It was only a week or two after Fear the Hills was erected that she came. Her mother sent her, probably to correct me that the house I had on the masthead was not Malcolm Burrows house. Which of course I knew.

“It was the house that the murder took place, if that helps,” she wrote.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“I was there right before the murder. My douche of a boyfriend came to get money from Malcolm”


“There was something about his car, he and Malcolm went off and piddled with it.”

“I see.”

“Yes, you haven’t asked me about who he was?”

“Your boyfriend? Trey Meeks.”


“It’s in the police report, Trey Meeks and girlfriend.”


“You went by Amanda Hackworth back then did you not?” I asked knowing the answer.

“Yes, (Redacted)” “Trey would get money from Malcolm to go to the doctor.”

“As part of a pill business?”

“Yes, and if you ask me that is why Malcolm was killed, he had screwed someone over in a drug deal or was going to talk…”

“I see.”

“Now you have me scared. You are some kind of lawyer or detective, I know you are.”

This was Kasey Kilgore, a School Board member at the time.

She went on to tell me her alibi.

“I was with Trey on Saturday at the bridge around Chattanooga when he woke me and said Malcolm is dead.”

“How would he know that?”

“I don’t know, must have gotten a call.”

It had been almost ten years, neither Kasey or Trey had spoken to authorities about being at Malcolm’s the weekend of his murder. She had never been contacted by police or anyone, and as far as she knew neither had Trey.

At the very least Kasey Kilgore reveals the business Malcolm was in. He was not just an ex-alderman.

I forwarded this information to Clint Shrum – he has not followed up on it.

Trey Meeks went to Alabama. He is now in State prison for assault and robbery, the very crime that Adam was convicted of that tied him circumstantially to the killing of Malcolm Burrows.



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